Book of the Week – ‘The Beautiful’ series by Christina Lauren

This month, the third book of the Beautiful series by Christina Lauren was released in Beautiful Player. In this series, all the characters are interconnected, but it’s not the same couple in all the books. It reminds me of the book series that Nora Roberts does, at least in that aspect. These books are certainly a lot more graphic and have a lot more explicit scenes that is not suitable for the younger audience.

There is currently three full-length novels and two short novellas, with the third one set to come out 11/19, that interconnect with the three novels. Below is the list of the stories in order and a little bit about them.

The first book, Beautiful Bastard, is about a executive, named Bennett Ryan, who is used to having things his way and a young intern, named Chloe Mills, trying to make a name for herself. They meet and it’s hate at first sight. At least verbally. Physically they can’t keep their hands off one another.

The story has a lot of sex scenes and reading it was a little off putting at the beginning. All the two characters did was talk smack to one another that it felt a little ridiculous that they would start this kind of relationship without having any kind of base.

Next comes the novella Beautiful Bitch. It continues off where Beautiful Bastard ends as the couple having a conversation about their relationship that they didn’t know they were going to have. Its only 143 pages long and should be combined with the first novel, but this way you have to spend an extra $3.99 to read what happens next.

The 2nd full length novel is Beautiful Stranger. It’s about a British playboy named Max Stella who meets and falls immediately for Sara Dillon who is trying to get over her ex-boyfriend who cheated on her. While with Max, she discovers things about her that she didn’t know existed and he brings her to whole new levels of confidence as they fall in love with one another.

After reading this story, I was a little bit reluctant to continue on with the series. The first one had too many sex scenes and this one didn’t have enough connection between the two characters. And when they did have sex, it was all public. There is no private life for them. Granted I am sure there are people like that out there, I just like stories where the characters are a bit more rounded and like different things. These two characters only seemed to like one thing and that was exhibitionism.

The 2nd novella is called Beautiful Bombshell. The three men of the stories, Max, Bennett, and Will are tearing up Vegas when Max and Bennett try and find their loved ones as they explore the possibilities. It was interesting to see the three men interact with one another. This novella develops the first two relationships a bit more and sets up the third book as we know that Will is going to find his love.

The third book is called Beautiful Player and it follows around playboy Will Sumner who runs into his best friends little sister Hanna Bergstrom after not seeing her for years and sees that she’s not the little girl that he once knew.

Out of all the books and novellas this is my favorite one. The story is developed a lot more and Christina and Lauren did a lot better job at developing Will and Hanna. There wasn’t much to go on with Will, who was introduced in Beautiful Stranger. It was actually this book that got me interested in the series because I enjoyed the mix between the love scenes and the story.

The third novella coming out November 19th is called Beautiful Beginning. We go back to the first couple as we watch as Bennett and Chloe get ready for their wedding. While the story could be argued as a full length story because of its 208 pages. After reading the other stories, I can expect this one to have a lot of the same banter between Bennett and Chloe, especially since they are arguing about their wedding. It’s going to be interesting to see how this one unfolds.
These books are becoming increasingly popular and I wouldn’t be surprised if they continue on with this series in the coming year or they start up another one that is similar to this one. I wouldn’t mind either way.

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