5 Reasons why you should still read the ‘Divergent’ Trilogy

It’s been a month now since the release of the final book of the Divergent trilogy, Allegiant, by Veronica Roth. Fans of the trilogy have been taking to social media ranting how much they hated the ending and it’s turning some people away from the trilogy.

Here are the reasons why you shouldn’t give up on the series:


#1 The Story
Despite the ending of the book, or maybe even because of it, it is a fascinating story to read. It’s your story of standing up for what you think is right, no matter what the consequences are. Bravery and staying true to yourself is certainly one theme that stands out in this story and we see it over and over in the story.

There are times when I was frustrated with the story, especially Tris in Insurgent, but this is a good thing. If I didn’t feel frustrated then it means that I am not attached to the character and it means that I don’t care about her.

Yes the ending is not what I had expected or hoped it would be and it is something that you should prepare for, but I don’t think it’s the end of the world and reason enough not to read this story.


#2: Character driven
Overall, Veronica Roth did a lot of work developing the main characters of the story, Tris, Four, and Jeanine. The characters were all developed in different ways and in different time frames. Tris took the span of the three books to really get her developed completely while Jeanine’s character only had two books. As the story progresses, you learn bits and pieces about them and learn why they act certain ways. Jeanine becomes a tragic villain because while you hate her for what’s she’s doing, you come to understand and almost not hold her at fault for it.

Four’s character, I think, is the character that was developed the most. While Tris was the main character throughout the entire series, I think it was Four that came and took that top spot from her. With the short novellas that have been published and will be published, we learn all about Four from when he was a kid al the way until the end of the story. So I think it’s Four’s character that gets the most development and while we don’t really get his point of view until the 3rd book, I think he’s the lead character in the series.


#3: It’s Quick Paced, Action-Packed
Unlike a lot of the other Young Adult series, this one has a lot of action so it can reach a broader audience. Lately, more of the Young Adult series are focused on romance and that doesn’t really appeal to the male audience. While this one has a romance story, it’s the action sequences that make the story that more interesting. The three books have some great fighting sequences and I love it when a girl kicks butt along side the man.


#4: Tris and Four
The relationship between these two characters is one of the best that I’ve seen in a young adult series. Their relationship is the staple of the entire series and it’s the one that sets up the rest of the story. Despite what some fans think, this is the only relationship and these are the only two characters that are fully developed in the series. While I had wished there was some more information on the minor characters, I love the way that these two ended up and I think that by developing the minor characters it would have taken from developing these two characters.


#5 The movie
Yes I know it’s not the best reason to read something, but I think in this case it’s important. This story is very complicated and there’s a lot of background information that you should know before watching the movie. I’m sure the major parts will find their way into the movie, but the little things won’t.
The footage that we have seen so far really show this movie series is going to be epic perhaps one of the better Young Adult novel adaptations that we’ve seen recently.  I would hate for the fact that fans don’t go to see the movie just because they didn’t like the ending. While I hope they don’t, they might do what Twilight did and change the ending of the final book. Right now, I don’t think they will because of the way the story is written, but I think if the sales aren’t where the studios want them to be, I wouldn’t be surprised if they do.

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