‘Agent’s of SHIELD’ 1×8 “The Well” Recap

A look at last week’s show: http://www.examiner.com/article/agent-s-of-shield-1×7-the-hub-recap

Summary: A crossover episode with Thor: The Dark World finds the agents dealing with the aftermath.

In what could become a trend for this show, we get a crossover from the Thor as we see what happens after the big battle.

Things aren’t looking good for SHIELD when yet someone else in their group has something happen to them. Ward doesn’t act like himself and we get a deep insight to his psyche. We had known that he had a troubled childhood with his brother, but to actually see it and how it effects him was great. They are starting to really develop these characters and making them into people that we can care about.

This show really started developing the characters a bit more and making them relatable. May shows a vulnerable side, though we don’t have any insight into her psyche. That will definitely take time because May is not one to open up.

That ending with Coulson was very peculiar to say the least. Thanks to a reader, this scene is a reference to Dollhouse, which was a short-lived TV show from Joss Whedon. I’m sure there we will find out what this reference mean sometime in the show.

Next week, SHIELD investigates a woman who makes weird things happen no matter where she is.

Here’s a recap of the show.

The team is at the library in Greenwich where Thor fought Malekith, cleaning up. Simmons is avoiding her parents. Coulson is upset that he’s got to clean up yet another of Thor’s mess. Fitz finds a piece of the alien ship and Ward takes it quickly and sends away.


A man and woman are in the woods looking for something. They think they found it in a tree and start carving into it. 2 cops show up to investigate. The man finds what he’s looking for and it’s a pipe from out of the world. The woman grabs hold of it and absorbs it’s powers. She uses it against one of the cops.

SHIELD is at the scene of the tree. Ward is helping Simmons. Coulson is talking with the other cop. Fitz evaluates the markings and concludes that it’s Asgardian and from Thor’s hammer. Skye tells Coulson that the woman and man are creating riots in the city. They write a message of ‘WE ARE GODS’ to the world.

The group looks over the staff that Fitz created that looks like the one that the woman and men took. They try and figure out how the couple found them. Coulson says they will meet with someone who found the hammer, Elliot Randolph to ask about the markings.

SHIELD shows up and Coulson gives Elliot the staff. He looks at the staff and tells them that it’s from the Berserker army. He says that the person who brought it to Earth broke it into 3 pieces and hid the pieces. He tells him about the location of where the other two could be. He thinks one might be in Canada.

Coulson/Ward catch in with Skye and she thinks they are heading to Melville, Spain possibly to look for the next piece. May comes in and tells them about a place the piece could be.

Ward/Skye are looking for the staff in the tombs. Ward finds it and sees the Elliott has it. When going to grab it from him, he touches it.

While trying to get away, the couple runs into Elliott and they see he has the staff. Coulson sees a car being flipped and goes to investigate and sees Elliott there without the staff.

Fitz/Simmons are evaluation Ward. He gets frustrated ands it so he can listen to Coulson question Elliott.

Elliott says he wanted to just study it. Simmons ends the convo so that Ward can calm down. Skye tries to talk to Ward and he snaps at her before taking low blows on Simmons and Fitz and then leaving.

Elliott says he doesn’t know anything else.

Ward is punching the punching bag and he relives what happened to his brother. May stops him and tries to help but he says not until the couple stops.

The couple is starting a riot with the two staffs.

Ward goes to see Coulson. He says that the staff unlocked the first memory that he felt hate. Coulson says he trusts him and asks Ward to talk to Elliot.

Ward talks to Elliott and asks him how to fix him. He goes to stab him, but Elliott stops him and Coulson comes in. They know that Elliott is Asgardian.

Coulson tells Elliott all the ways he knew that he was Asgardian. Elliott tells about how he accidentally blabbed about his life to a French girl in 1546. He says that he got rid of the staff because he doesn’t like the power and the rage. He says he won’t help them with the final piece. Coulson says that he will give him up to Thor unless Elliott spills the location. Elliott says it at a monastery in Ireland.

Ward asks Elliott if the effects are everlasting. Elliott says it wears off in a few decades. Skye asks Coulson if Ward should be going and Coulson says he trusts him.

The group goes to the monastery to get the staff. When they get there, the man from the couple shows up and stabs Elliott with one of the staffs. Ward grabs that staff, fills with rage, and attacks the man.

Fitz/Simmons/Coulson try to save Elliott. Skye/May go after Ward and the man.

Ward has both staffs now taking on the group that are following the man.

Young Ward fights against his older brother to save his younger brother who is drowning in a well.

Skye helps Ward when the woman comes in. May tells him to let her help. She grabs the two pieces of staff and fights the woman. May gets the 3rd piece and puts the staff together before finishing off the girl.

Simmons finally talks with her dad.

Ward asks May how could she do it and she responds because she sees it everyday.

Elliott goes to talk to Coulson. 2 members from SHIELD come to take the staff.

Skye checks in with Ward.

Ward joins May for a drink in her room.

Coulson is getting a message on the beach. He wakes up suddenly.

Promo for next week’s show:

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