‘Law and Order: SVU’ 15×9 “Rapist Anonymous” Recap

A recap of the last episode: http://www.examiner.com/article/law-and-order-svu-15×8-military-justice-recap

Summary: Rollins’ friend claims she was raped by her lover, but the case is challenging to prove.

Guest Starring: Amy Seimetz (TV’s ‘The Killing’), Geoffrey Cantor (Man on Ledge), Thomas Sadoski (Loser), Nia Vardalos (My Big Fat Greek Wedding), Dean Winters

Rollins shows that there is a lot of issues going on with her then what is on the surface. She lashes out against Finn and Amaro. I think it’s apparent that something more is going on with Rollins and maybe she needs to talk with a therapist.

Benson is officially a Sergeant and Cassidy is back as a detective. So that’s good news all around for them.

This is a classic he said/she said but a little curveball is thrown in with Rollins who tries to save her friend but what does it cost her?

This show is really a Rollins show and it looks like a lot of these shows are becoming Rollins shows. She has a rough ending and it’s no doubt going to effect her throughout the season. I’m sure once Finn/Amaro funds out, it’s going to be her light and maybe help shape her. Hopefully it doesn’t lead to her departure. She’s been a great addition to the team.

It looks like the show is off and will probably be off until after Thanksgiving.

Here’s a recap of the show.

The squad is at Bensons/Brian’s housewarming party.

A woman, named Lena (Seimetz), is at AA, where Rollins is.

Cassidy (Winters) announces that Benson is a Sergeant and that Brian is back to being a detective at I.A.B.

Rollins is out after the meeting with Lena and two others, Nate (Sadoski) and Gene (Cantor), from the meeting.

After the dinner, Nate flirts with Rollins and they end up making out. Lena shows up at her doorstep saying Gene raped her.

Lena is telling Rollins what happened. She tells her that they had sex and then he forced her the 2nd time. She tells Nate she’s bringing Lena to the ER.

The nurse mentions that her sister is there, but she said Lena’s not her sister.

Rollins regroups with the squad.

Finn/Amaro talk with Gene. He shows them a text about how Lena wanted it.

Benson/Rollins talk with Lena about the texts. Rollins asks Lena about the ‘sister’ comment at the hospital. She said she wanted to hide her identity.

Benson/Kragen talk with Barba about the case. He says it’s going to be a hard sell. Kragen says to put Gene under the pressure.

Amaro/Finn asks Gene to talk to his wife.

Rollins meets with Lena and tells her to stay away from Gene. Nate offers to take her away for a little bit. Rollins gets a call

At the scene, Finn tells Rollins that Gene jumped off the building where Lena lives.

Rollins/Finn ask Lena what happened. She said she didn’t know that he was there. After leaving, Finn talks with her about Nate and the A.A. meeting. Rollins brushes it off.

Melinda tells Rollins that Gene was on the roof with someone. They had just finished servicing him when he fell off the roof.

Amaro/Benson talk with Lena. She says that they like to have sex on the ledge. She says she accidentally pushed him when he grabbed her head.

Squad talks with Barba. He says it doesn’t look good for Lena because she lied about seeing him before he died. Benson mentions talking with his fiancée.

Rollins talks with Nate about Lena/Gene. He say that he was her sponsor and that was it.

Amaro mentions Nate when Gene’s fiancée comes in saying that Gene left her a message.

After the message, she tells them what Gene told her. Amaro comes in to take Barba. The super tells them that Lena knows how to trip the roof alarm.

Amaro/Benson go and arrest Lena and Rollins can’t stop them.

Barba talks with Rollins about Lena.

Benson is on the stand. Barba asks why a victim might lie.
Defense lawyer (Vardalos) cross examines Benson and makes a point.

Benson talks to Rollins at the squad room. She tells Rollins to think about herself and not Lena.

Amaro goes undercover to the A.A. meeting that Nate at.

Nate is at Rollin’s apartment. She asks him how Lena knew that Rollins is SVU.

Gene’s fiancée is on the stand. She says that Lena was jealous of their relationship and was trying to break them up.
Cross examination. She makes a point of saying that his girlfriend only knew one side of Gene.

Rollins confronts Amaro about his undercover. He says that Nate preys on new women to the meetings. Rollins lashes out saying that Amaro is preying on her happiness because he’s upset about his divorce. Finn tries to break it up, but Rollins snaps at him.

Rollins is on the stand. She said she believe Lena’s accusation.
Cross examination. Barba brings up the texts. He brings up her other lies, but stops there.

Rollins meets with Nate. She tells him she’s upset that he wasn’t there. He says that he was called to testify too.

Lena is on the stand. She says that she went along with it because she grew up with it with her abusive father. She says she was afraid of Gene and just said all those things because she thought it’s what he wanted.
Cross examination. He asks her why she lied so many times. She doesn’t answer. He mentions that Lena just claimed rape to cover when she killed Gene. It catches Rollins’s attention.

Amaro goes to talk to Barba about Nate.

Amaro tries to warn Rollins not to go to Nate’s testifying but she brushes him off. Benson tries to talk to Rollins about her sister and to see a therapist, but Rollins says she doesn’t need one.

Nate is on the stand. He talks about his advise to Lena about her relationship with Gene.
Barba cross examination. He asks him about his relationship with Lena. He brings up Nate’s relationships with Lena and Rollins. He goes into a theory that Lena used Nate to get Rollins to sympathize with her. Rollins leaves upset.

Nate tries to talk to Rollins. She says she’s done with him. Barba goes to talk to her and apologizes for what he did.

Verdict is in. She’s found guilty.

Squad talks with Rollins about the case. She doesn’t want to talk to Finn.

Rollins relapses with her gambling.

What did you think of the show?

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