Book of the Week – The Thoughtless Series by SC Stephens

This series is one of those series that is just enjoyable to read because the two lead characters Keira and Kellan are just so perfect for one another. Their relationship is that fairy tale kind of relationship that we all wish we could have. Kellan is a rock star who uses women to ease the pain of loneliness but that all changes when he meets Keira. Keira has never thought of herself as beautiful and always did what was right, but Kellan shows her how powerful passion and love can really be.

In this first story, we get to watch as Keira and Kellan meet, but there’s a wrinkle, she’s in a serious relationship with Kellan’s good friend Denny. Denny goes on a trip for work, leaving Keira with Kellan. After a drunken night, they have sex and it leaves them asking questions about what it meant.

On the surface, romance novels tend to not involve cheating when both guys are good people. Usually if there is cheating involved, it’s like with an abusive husband or some sort. While it’s not ideal how these two get together, it’s still sweet. Kellan is a passionate musician who feels everything. He’s never knew what it’s like to love someone so when he falls for Keira it scares him. He tries to push her away, but we know that’s not going to happen. This story is frustrating at times because Keira keeps stringing Kellan along but won’t break up with Denny. When it finally comes to head, it leads to a big blow out that might ruin her relationship with Kellan.

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In the second book, Keira and Kellan have built a strong foundation in their relationship but it gets challenged as Kellan goes on the road while Keira finishes college. The couple does everything that they can to keep their love alive while apart, but a misunderstanding might break them apart.

In the second book, we get to see that while they have that strong foundation and been together for over a year, it doesn’t mean that they don’t have their problems. Trust is always an issue for them as they both think that the other will cheat. In this book, we dive deeper into Kellan’s history and why he’s always had problems with loving people. By the end of the book, we get to watch the couple learn to trust each other as they learn that the only way that they can make it is by trust.

Trust is pretty much the theme of the story as they spend a lot of time apart. I’m sure that some people won’t like that because of the fact they spend quite a bit of time apart, but it’s important for the couple. They learn how to be strong people by themselves which helps make them strong as a couple.

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In the final book, Keira goes on the road with Kellan as he and his band work on their record deal. They start to become famous with the help of another famous singer and it causes friction between Kellan and the record label as they force him to lie about Keira.

This one had a bit of a twist from the story. While at this point, we really don’t feel that Keira and Kellan will break up but we get to see just how sometimes up and coming stars are manipulated so that they can sell. I’m sure that this kind of thing happens all the time. There are some very sweet and beautiful moments as Kellan comes to terms with what his parents did to him and the father that just entered into his life. Keira gains confidence in herself as she goes after her dream of being a writer. At times it can be cheesy, but sometimes the cheesy moments are what make it so enjoyable. You can feel how much these two love and care for one another that it’s just a beautiful story.

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