“Fraternizing” by C.C. Brown Review – an enticing story of forbidden romance

Format: Available for eBook, paperback
Series: 1 of 2 of Fraternizing series
Rated: 18+ Mature Adults
Genre: Romance
Goodreads Page:  https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/18105623-fraternizing

The book is told in dual POV where it follows Sgt. Alex (Alejandro) Cruz and Cassie Bennett as they begin a love affair that is forbidden against the Marine’s rules.

The movie starts off with introducing Alex and him celebrating with his friends. He meets a woman at a bar and they hit it off but things get cut short. Cut to the next day, Cassie is regretting now learning the man’s name from the bar but when she goes to class that day she finds out that the man is her teacher.

Alex and Cassie try to act as if they don’t have any attraction between them. Alex tries moving on with other women and Cassie focuses on her studies and her new best friend, Dalton but thye find that the more time they spend together, the harder it is for them to deny their attraction.

One day, the attraction boils over and they connect. They try and pursue a relationship but in secret. It works until Alex gets an opportunity and he chooses the Corp over Cassie. Cassie is heartbroken but she fights against the pain, not wanting him to control her.

It’s not until days later that Alex sees that his feelings for Cassie is worth more then any award that he could get at the Corp. He fights to win Cassie back and when he does, they make a pact to keep their relationship a secret because if they get exposed, there are high reprecautions to both Cassie and Alex.

Things are going fine until Cassie gets duties to put her across the country in North Carolina with the man that’s been harassing her since the start. Alex finds out about it and he fights to control himself so not to expose their relationship, but ends up losing that fight when trying to protect Cassie

It looks like Brown put in a lot of research when working on this book. She used a lot of terminology about not just their clothing that they wore, but slang names they used against each other. In her profile, it says that she is a Marine Corp wife, which could explain where she got the information.

Alex and Cassie both come from a rough road and they used the military as a way to start over. Alex is a real man’s man. He is rough around the edges and has an ego to match. He loves his job and it used to be the most important thing to him until he meets Cassie. Like the age-old story, his hard heart softens when she enters his life and he’s willing to give up everything he has for her.

Cassie is just trying to get by on her own, after her boyfriend and mother fail her. She doesn’t want to get into it with a man, let alone her superior and give up the fresh start that she was so desperate for. She doesn’t let him or anybody else push her around. She is a strong woman who fights for what she wants. It makes sense that she would be the kind of person that would attract someone like Alex and it makes sense that a strong, protective man like Alex would attract her. They both just want to be loved for who they are.

The book can get a bit graphic at times with the language and the sexual situations, but that’s the world that we live in nowadays, especially in the military. While the language was harsh and bit much, it never did go over the top to the point where it was trying to hard. It fit with the characters and never wavered.

There is a little bit of a cliffhanger in this story. Not the type that will have you cursing at the book, anxiously waiting to see what happens next, but definitely one to keep you interested and give you an idea of where things will start off in the next story.

It is an interesting story watching as Alex and Cassie meet and try and fight their attraction for one another, then fail as they give into temptation. It’s a story of what’s more important in life: Duty and honor or love.

Recommendations: The Fighting series by JB Salsbury, Marked series by JM Sevilla

Next in series:

Book #2 – Compromising (2014)

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