New book of the week – “Cherished” by Kelly Elliott

In the past, I have used this post to post books that I’ve read that I think other people would like. But I thought about it, and I think eventually I would run out of books to put on because I wanted to do more current books or because I usually read book series.

With that said, I thought for this week going forward, I would be picking a new book that came out on new book Tuesday, and writing about why I think you should read it. Of course, I wouldn’t have read it yet and most of it will be up for speculation, but I’m gonna give it a go.

For this week, we have Cherished by Kelly Elliott.

This is the 4th book in the Wanted series and in this book we follow Jessie Rhodes and Scott Reynolds relationship. They had dated once and he ran away from her but when he finds her years later she is with someone else. They must try and get past the deceit they both have done to each other and learn to love each other again.

The Wanted series is quickly becoming one of the more popular series by Kelly Elliott and she is hoping that her fans from this book can carry over to her new book series. While this kind of story has been done before, but really what story hasn’t, it’s going to be the reunion that will make and break the story. Elliott has been able to create interesting characters in the other three books and I would expect that to happen in this book too.

To add this book to your Goodreads page, you can go here: m

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