“Knowing You” by Allie Everhart – The truth about Jade’s past is revealed

Format: Available for eBook, paperback
Series: book 2 of Jade series
Rated: 16+ for language, sensual scenes, sexual content
Genre: New Adult
Goodreads Page: http://www.goodreads.com/book/show/18622337-knowing-you

In the 2nd book of the series, Jade and Garrett come together and try to find out who it is that is sending her threatening calls and messages.

Jade has always tried and push Garrett away because she is afraid of getting hurt by him. Garrett will stop at nothing to make Jade realize that he loves her and that he plans on being with her forever.

As the story progresses, Frank’s illness and gets worse and the threats are more frequent. Garrett does his best to help Jade through it, but she’s scared of losing the person who raised her and the person who is threatening her life.

When Jade goes to visit Frank, he tells her the truth of how she came to be. She learns who her father is and what he did to her mother. She is beyond angry but can’t do anything about it for fear of something happening to her or her loved ones.

As the book comes to an end and we find out the truth about the connection between Garrett’s father and her father, there is a big blowout as both Garrett’s and Jade’s lives are in danger.

The book is another quick pace read. Something that could be done in one sitting.

Jade and Garrett’s relationship relaly develops in this book. They break the barriers of Jade’s walls and she finally lets herself open to his love. But it’s not easy as she can’t believe that someone like Garrett would love her.

There is a very tense moment at the end of the book as the climax comes to a close. You can see very quickly the inner workings to the Kensington family and how they operate. After what happens, Jade is basically inducted into the family and she gets Garrett’s father’s blessing to date.

The book was enjoyable to read but the lack of secondary characters was a little bit of a put off. Lilly was fun to read about especially her and Jade together. I just wish that Jade would have spent more time with her family. It seems like Jade and Garrett spend essentially 98% of the book together and none with other people.

Overall, it was a good second book into the series, but comes to somewhat of a conclusion at the end. There are two more books to come out and I wonder what they will be about. Probably Jade adjusting to how Kensington’s work and how blackmail is a way of life.

Next in the series:

Book #3: Loving You (available now)

Book #4: Promising You (expected publication 2014)


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