“Saturday Night Live” 39×12 Jonah Hill and Bastille


In this week’s episode, Jonah Hill takes center stage as the host with Bastille performing two of their songs, including their new one for the movie, Pompeii.

The show is struggling this season, trying to find some ground after losing some of their major stars from last season. We didn’t get a Weekend Update this week. Seth Myers is officially gone after the February 1st episode. This week they announced that one of the writers Colin Jost, will be joining Cecily Strong as the anchor starting on the March 1st episode.

Next week looks like it should be a good show as Melissa McCarthy is the host with the musical guest Imagine Dragons. McCarthy has shown she can steal the show in the last two times she hosted and Imagine Dragons is quickly growing more and more popular with each new song they release.

“Cold Open: Men’s Figure Skating”


With the Olympics starting in a few weeks, we are starting to get the skits that will get us ready. I would expect these kinds of skits all the way until the Olympics are done, especially if something interesting happens (and they always do). The opening skit was pretty good as Jay Pharoah steals the scene.



We get a surprise guest as Wolf of Wall Street co-star, Leonardo DiCaprio makes an appearance and shows why he won the Golden Globe as he steals our hearts in the Titanic reenactment. Obviously that stole the monologue and really set up the show because who doesn’t know about the “Am I Flying?” scene in Titanic?



This skit usually has a lot of dry comedic moments, but you know that going into it. The best part of these skits is that there is usually one or two lines that make the whole skit, and this one is no different. They each have line that makes you smile because it’s so ridiculous that they would say it.



This is a skit made for Jonah Hill as he plays a 6 year old who says anything that comes to his mind. As I’m sure we all have had that kind of experience with young kids, they know how they can talk without a filter sometimes. The skit had some ok moments, but overall it was mediocre.

“Couples Quiz”


This was a little different kind of skit as they usually use the game show skits to actually do the game show, but this one was different as Kenan Thompson (the host) tries and finds out who clogged the toilet. It looks like Thompson will become the unofficial game show host (which used to be done by Bill Hader) and he might need some works as he looks to much at the camera and doesn’t act enough like a game show host.

“The Hit”


In this quick skit, Kenan Thompson, Jay Pharoah, and Taran Killam get ready to do a hit on someone but can’t keep admiring the snow. Pharoah keeps getting mad at them losing focus, but he loses his when he sees a rabbit. But a surprise ending is what makes the skit somewhat entertaining.

“Boss Dinner”


This is probably the best skit of the night as Jonah Hill is a guy who goes to his boss’s house for dinner but keeps messing up with him and yelling at himself so loud that everyone at the table can hear him. It’s funny because we all know how awkward that moment can be, having dinner with your boss, and we all know the desire to yell at ourselves for messing up.

“Spike Jonze Trailer”


Another good skit as this one pokes fun at the movie, Her. We get another celebrity cameo as Jonah Hill’s co-star from Superbad, Michael Cera, makes an appearance as the computer’s surrogate. It’s a nice surprise for the skit and is what makes the skit so funny.

“Inside SoCal”


This is probably the worst skit of the night as the new people continue to struggle making a name for themselves on the show. It could be the lack of good skits for them but either way they still need to work on the skits if they want to come back next season.





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