‘Chicago PD’ 1×4 Recap – Burgess learns that you have to be tough to be a cop


In last week’s episode, the unit is investigating a house that they think is selling illegal stuff on the black market. It doesn’t take long to prove that their theory is right when they get into the house and see M995 bullets that can pierce through armor aka ‘cop killers’ and insulin boxes to ship them in. They also learn that the bullets were used in multiple murders around town.

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In this week’s episode, titled “Now is Always Temporary”, the unit investigate a group going around making counterfeit money. Meanwhile, Burgess and Atwater learn that some cases are deeper then they are on the surface.

The episode begins with a bang as a man, named Dean Masters, holds a woman hostage claiming to ‘tie up loose ends’. He lets her go before killing himself.


At the station, the unit talks about Masters and how he was an art thief and he thinks that another one named, Clept, was looking for him. Lindsay talks with the woman who was held hostage and she tells her that she took the place of another woman, named Nadia.

The group goes to where Nadia works and they go to arrest her, but she is able to knock Ruzek down but she doesn’t get very far before they are able to bring her in. She gives Lindsay a guy’s name, Noel. Someone who would want to go after Masters.

When Halstead/Voight go to pick up Noel, they find him dead with gun shot wounds. When investigating the compound he was working in, they find mints for $100 bills.

Nadia helps the group again when she tells them about a van that Noel’s people use to transport supplies. They find the van and that it belongs to a priest, Pastor Mike. The group goes to investigate. The go to his place and arrest Pastor Mike, but find no counterfeit money. Instead they learn that he is actually hired to kill Noel and go after Masters by a man named Glenn Ward.


The group goes to Ward’s warehouse and arrest them as they are making and stacking counterfeit money.

Elsewhere, Atwater and Burgess are asked to bring in a woman who has refused to clean up her house but Burgess has a hard time doing it causing friction between them and the desk Sergeant. They think it’s a routine bust but soon learn that the woman is not as innocent as she looks.

Halstead is still struggling with that case of the boy that died seven years ago. He continues to stalk the guy responsible for his death, Lonny. When Voight finds out, he tells Halstead to stop or else he’s not going to be able to protect him. Halstead confides with Dawson and it’s obvious that he doesn’t have any real proof Lonny did it. It was more of a hunch.

Alvin is working on changing the garage to an apartment so he can be away from his wife, but close to his daughter. He tries to keep his relationship with her going but when she gets suspended for having joints on her. HE tries to protect her, but all it does it force her to get angry at him rather then her boyfriend who she was covering for.

Throughout the show, Lindsay was helping Nadia sober up. By the end of the show, she offered her help to get clean and help her start a new life before she herself breaks down and cries in the car. Perhaps Nadia hit’s a little too close to home with her past?

In next week’s episode, the unit continue to try and clean up the streets of Chicago as they help a woman look for her missing child, while Voight continues to butt heads with his boss.

What did you think of the show?

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