“Dare You To” by Katie McGarry – story of how learning to trust someone is the scarier then falling in love


Format: ebook, paperback, hard cover
Series: book 2 of Harlequin series
Genre: Young Adult
Rated: 15+ for language and sensual scenes
Goodreads page:http://www.goodreads.com/book/show/13561164-dare-you-to

In the 2nd book in the series, we follow Beth (who wrote meet as Noah’s friend in the first book) as meets and falls for the jock baseball player Ryan.

Beth is forced to move in with her famous baseball player uncle Scott after her Mom gets her in trouble with the police. Scott asks Ryan to look out for her, and Ryan agrees only because his friends had dared him to.

As Ryan competes for the dare, he quickly learns that Beth is not what she appears to be and her hard exterior persona is her way of protecting herself from being hurt.

Beth trusts little to no one, except for Noah and Isaiah. Noah is off being grown up with Echo and she doesn’t want to ruin her friendship with Isaiah despite the fact they kind of like each other. Ryan starts to get to her in a bad way and slowly he breaks through her tough exterior and she quickly learns that trusting him is harder then loving him.

We first meet Beth in the first book in the series, Pushing the Limits. She showed that she is not one to let people in, especially Noah and Isaiah but there is something about Ryan that just sparks something in her. She couldn’t believe that him, the star of the school, would be interesting in someone like her. She believes that she is some broken girl that doesn’t deserve to be loved.

Ryan may seem perfect on the surface, but he’s got his own problems at home. His parents control everything he does and he thinks that his brother Mark abandoned him because their father was upset that he was gay. When he meets Beth, he sees a person that is everything he wants to be. She’s brave, says what she wants, and doesn’t apologize for who she is. She doesn’t hide anything and is not ashamed of who she is. Something that he’s had a hard time with. Hiding his love for writing.

These two are a bit of a different couple and it’s different seeing these two meet and talk, but as they grow closer you slowly see what attracts them to each other. They both have the life that the other wants. Sort of that ‘the grass is greener’ idea.

Unlike the first book, this book had it’s issues, but it didn’t have that awestruck moment that maybe you cry or tugged at you. Don’t get me wrong, Beth came from a pretty messed up background, but we didn’t see the worst of it actually happening. They mentioned it and talked about it, but we didn’t get to see the bad memories happen. In the first book, you get to see Echo remember being attacked by her mother and you get to see Noah talk about the fire that took his parents (though it was told in memories is not the point).

A trend that I’ve started seeing that sets this series apart from others that I’ve read is that the characters are not some sex-crazed maniacs. Yes they have that need for physical attraction for each other but they are not these people who have multiple sex partners. Its refreshing to have a series where the guy is not some man-whore who sleeps with every girl while the girl is always the one that’s inexperienced. I like that the couples are kind of new to the whole thing wanting to explore that part of life together.

Book #3 – Crash Into You (available now)

Book #4 – Take Me On (Out May 27th)

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