Book review: “Compromising” by C.C. Brown – a story filled with angst and drama with a satisfying ending

Compromising (Fraternizing, #2)

Format: ebook, paperback
Series: book 2 of Fraternizing series
Rating: 18+ for language, sexual content, dark themes
Genre: Romance
Goodreads page:

In the 2nd and final book for Cassie and Alex’s story, it picks up right where the first book left off. Alex is in the brig reeling from the events that happened at the end of the first book, while Cassie is in the hospital recovering.

Alex has a lot on his plate as he is being court-martialed and charged with fraternizing, which could ultimately end his career, but he doesn’t care so much about that. He’s more concerned with seeking revenge on the man that hurt Cassie.

When Alex and Cassie get together, she tries to move on and forget about what Allen did, but Alex can’t forget it and it creates a wedge in their relationship. It becomes too much for them and it forces them apart. It doesn’t take long for them to realize that they are more miserable apart then they are together.

In the final book of the short series, we get a story of two strong willed people who try and get through the honeymoon phase of their relationship and deal with the hard issues of life. Alex really spirals down in the story and Cassie really comes into her own.

The story is filled with heartache and frustration. You can feel the angst and pain that both characters are going through and you can understand both sides of the story. Alex is a man’s man who feels he needs to protect the people that he loves. Cassie is a stubborn, strong-willed woman who won’t have any person controlling her. She wants to make a name for herself and tries to help Alex, but he’s far beyond help.

The story doesn’t have quite the amount of romance that the first book had. There is a few very passionate scenes, but nothing like the first book. In this book, it focuses more on the characters and developing their relationship. You get to see what happens when you let pride control your actions and forget that the most important thing in a relationship is to compromise.

The final part of the book, we get to see what happens to Alex and Cassie five years after everything is resolved. You get to see their happily ever after and it makes you happy to see that they were able to survive through the heartache that they endured before.

While the story focuses more on the relationship and the characters as individuals, it’s not as intriguing as the first book. The first book had you from start to finish while this one was interesting at first, slowed down a bit, then finished strong.

C.C. Brown has announced that she is going to be writing two more books involving characters from Cassie and Alex’s life. You will get one story with Alex’s sister Adrianna and Jansen, which doesn’t have a title yet, and another book with Riley and Nat called Challenging. Both books don’t have a page on Goodreads yet, but are both set to come out Summer 2014.

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