‘Chicago PD’ 1×9 Recap – A gang war erupts that finds Oslinsky’s daughter in the middle


In last week’s episode, the squad looks into a situation that involves cops, one of them being Voight’s old partner as he’s being accused of being dirty.

In this week’s episode, titled “Material Witness” Oslinsky finds himself in turmoil as his daughter is the only eye-witness to a gang killing and is now the target for them.

Ed talks with Voight and they talk about the new cop at his squad. Her real reason there is not to watch Voight but to watch the other members in his squad, especially Halstead.

There is a shooting and Oslinsky’s daughter Lexie is the sole witness to the gang shooting. The detective in charge of taking down the gang responsible for the shooting, G Park Lords, wants Lexie to testify and Oslinsky says no. He does anything he can to keep Lexie out of it, including throwing away Atwater’s notes about the call.


Lindsey is able to get a name, Galacka. So the squad gets into looking into the gang. They hope they can find Galacka and get him to confess so they won’t need Lexie. Ruzek and Burgess are going to go undercover to try and get some information, unfortunately it leads them no where. But Ruzek gets lucky when someone steals his cell phone and Ruzek follows him. It turns out they were right and are able to get an address.

Things get more complicated as a gang war starts between the Latin gang, the Latin priests, and the G Park Lords. They get a lead involving a man named Jamarcus who is a part of the G Park Lords. Jamarcus is less then helpful but Sumner brings them some useful information that will able to blackmail him into helping.

When Lindsey and Dawson investigate a barber show that is owned by a member of the Latin Priest’s uncle, they find a room that they used to possibly torture Galacka. They think that the Latin Priests were punishing Galacka for starting a gang war with the G Park Lords.


When the squad investigate the address, they are able to take down the Latin Priests cell phone operation while also finding Galacka.

Meanwhile, Atwater is off on his own as Burgess is working with the intelligence team. His new partner is less then helpful and he finds himself working the streets by himself.

Halstead is still looking into Lonnie and gets some unsettling news that Lonnie has bought some duct tape and other camping supplies. He is getting out of control as he goes to Lonnie’s house and threatens him. Voight sees this and tells Sheldon that he wants to know what Halstead is doing. Halstead might find himself in trouble with the IA as Lonnie is found dead, strangled to death, in the middle of a snowy field.

Halstead wants to talk about Voight’s arrest but everyone else is letting it go. They all have seen Voight’s experience with getting out of sticky situations and are not surprised he got out of this one. Halstead doesn’t accept that.

In this week’s episode, tensions run high in the squad as Halstead is accused of killing Lonnie, but it might come at a cost to a member of the squad.

What did you think of the show?

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