‘Chicago PD’ 1×10 Recap – Halstead tries to clear his name as the squad looks for a man who killed a police consultant


In last week’s episode, Oslinsky finds himself in turmoil as his daughter is the only eye-witness to a gang killing and is now the target for them.

In this week’s episode, titled “Turn off the Lights”, tensions run high in the squad as Halstead is accused of killing Lonnie, but it might come at a cost to a member of the squad.

The squad get involved in a case as a simple car accident turns sour fast as they find a dead body in the trunk of a car of one of the people involved in the accident. The victim is Richard Elliott, an consultant for the prosecution.

Richard’s wife tells them that he was about to testify against a man named Nick but it’s not him. Kelly (guest star Taylor Kinney, Chicago Fire) recognizes Tony Jonston as someone who could have hurt his sister. When going to investigate where he lives, they find another victim in acid.


Lindsey and Sumner talk with Tony’s lawyer and realize that he probably killed Richard because he thinks he fabricated evidence to send him to jail. She mentioned that Tony was afraid of the gang, the Northsiders, coming after him.

They find Tony getting a bunch weapons and ammo and when they try to take him in, there is a shoot out and it leads to him getting away.

Voight talks with Tony’s lawyer and she says she did nothing to help him and that she was afraid of him. Sheldon is able to discover that she is lying when he finds a sex tape of her and a man named Jacob Simms (who is in the Northsiders trying to go after Tony). Sumner has a CI who can help them. She is able to get a location.

When they get there, they are able to find Jacob and detain him. Voight is happy with Sumner and her intel. Voight/Dawson talk to the lawyer believing that she is the one that orchestrated the whole thing to try and kill Richard so she didn’t lose her law firm.

Halstead finds himself in trouble as he is the number one suspect in Lonny’s death. The unit all think that he did it and he keeps saying that he didn’t. Halstead talks with the parents of the boy that Lonny first killed but the father said he didn’t do it. When Dawson talks with Halstead he starts to believe that Halstead didn’t do it and tries to help him.


Halstead gets to work on trying to clear his name. Oslinsky comes over to try and help him. Oslinsky admits to Halstead about Browning. Halstead tells him that Lonny’s father lied about him not coming home that night because he did. Halstead believes that Lonny’s father killed him. He admits it that he did it because he knew that his son was ‘sick’.

Burgess and Ruzek go to the bar to talk about the shooting after work. It shows that Ruzek might have something for Burgess because he always goes out of his way to talk to her or make sure that she is ok. Things go bad when they share a kiss and Burgess feels guilty because she knows he’s engaged. Burgess wants to remain friends but there is something else going on with Ruzek.

At the end of the show, things heat up between Kelly and Lindsey. Could there be something more for them there? Could it help both them find what they need?

In this week’s episode, Burgess steps up for the unit as she goes under cover to try and find a man who is on a spree of killings.

What did you think of the show?

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