‘Chicago PD’ 1×11 Recap – The unit try and take down someone who is on killing spree

In last week’s episode,  tensions run high in the squad as Halstead is accused of killing Lonnie, but it might come at a cost to a member of the squad.

In this week’s episode, titled “Turn off the Lights”, Burgess steps up for the unit as she goes under cover to try and find a man who is on a spree of killings.

While Lindsey felt she did nothing for Nadia, Nadia finds her and tells her that she’s been sober for 30 days.

There is still awkwardness between Burgess and Ruzek following their kiss.

The unit begins work on a bloody bank robbery where they stole $8 million and left 4 dead. It doesn’t take long for Voight to realize that one of the two survivors has something to do with the robbery.


Sumner/Dawson talk with the survivo, Perko, that got shot and tells him that Denis Novak, from his neighborhood, is the one that shot him. When they get to his home, they find a bunch of people shot dead.

Ruzek/Oslinsky follow Perko and while watching him, someone lights him and his car on fire. While looking at his cell phone, they saw he called his brother 11 different times. Dawson/Voight talk with Perko’s brother and he gives us Miguel Ortega (his cell mate) who might have talked to his gang the Latin Kings on the outside about the robbery.

Through investigation, they find that Rolo is the mastermind and that the bank manager is working with him. Oslinsky/Voight get him to talk about how they can get to Rolo, through using his hooker agency. Burgess offers to go as the bait. Lindsey asks Nadia to help them convince Rolo that Burgess is a hooker.

The bust is somewhat of a success as they are able to bring four of the guys down, including Rolo, but the one that beats up Burgess a bit gets away. Voight forces Rolo tell them where the $8 million is. Unfortunately for them to take down Rolo, Nadia had to take some drugs to prove they weren’t narcs.

At the end of the show, Voight/Dawson get some unsettling news as they learn that Pulpo is going to be released so that he can be used as bait to take down Rolo’s assassin, Gaston.

Platt has an unusual favor to ask of Ruzek as she asks him to act like her fiancé so she can get money from her father.

Halstead is starting to hook up with Lonnie’s victim’s sister, Allie.

In the next episode set to start on April 29th, we get a cross between Chicago Fire and Chicago PD. A man starts a war on the Chicago fire and police department and it’s going to take all of them to come together to take him down. The first part of the show will air during Chicago Fire on April 29th and the second part will air during Chicago PD on April 30th.

What did you think of the show?

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