‘Chicago PD’ 1×12 Recap – Chicago comes together to take down a man waging war on the city

Chicago P.D. - Season 1

In last week’s episode,  Burgess steps up for the unit as she goes under cover to try and find a man who is on a spree of killings.

In this week’s episode, titled “8:30”, we get a cross between Chicago Fire and Chicago PD. A man starts a war on the Chicago fire and police department and it’s going to take all of them to come together to take him down. The first part of the show will air during Chicago Fire on April 29th and the second part will air during Chicago PD on April 30th.

In the first part aired with Chicago Fire, there is a car bomb that explodes outside of the hospital that Casey (Jesse Spencer) and Dawson (Monica Raymund) are at. Dawson gets stuck in pieces of exploded building and the rest of the unit look for her. Meanwhile, Cruz (Joe Minoso) and Boden (Eamonn Walker) find a second bomb and they are able to detonate it before it explodes. There were casulaties and many in critical condition that include Hallie’s (Teri Reeves) sister, Burgess’s neice, and Shay (Lauren German).

The show seems to reminisce about a certain tragedy that took place in Boston. The bombing occurs outside the race/marathon sign up sheet. This could be coincidental, but knowing Dick Wolf, he might have worked on this show to show tribute to the policemen and firemen that worked the tragedy in Boston.

Chicago P.D. - Season 1

Hallie’s sister is brain dead and on life support, Burgess’s niece needs a liver transplant, and Shay is going to make it. In the cruel irony of the situation, in order to save Burgess’s niece they need the liver of Hallie’s sister.

Chicago Intelligence quickly gets to the scene and try and get to the bottom of the who set up the bombing. Dawson/Voight meet with the FBI meeting to get information that they need while the rest of the group talk to the survivors. Voight tells the agent that he will find the guy and to not get in his way.

While looking at the second bomb for clues, Sheldon finds that it was supposed to detonate at 8:30 PM and that the prints he got off the duct tape is named Paul Watz. When they get to his apartment, they find him dead in what looks like a suicide but Lindsey notes that it doesn’t fit the clues.

When they regroup, they find that Paul was part of anti-government agency and had constant emails with some other players. When showing the pictures to the group, Oslinksy recognizes one of the guys that he had interviewed. When they go to talk to him, he pulls a knife on Lindsey and uses her as a way to try and get out of the hospital but two fireman come to the rescue and stop him. Voight gets a name from him, Ted Powell.

Sumner/Voight brief the rest of the FBI agents about Ted and his father Frank Powell and their hate against radical anti-police and fire agencies. He says that the bombs were meant to go off at 8:00 and 8:30 PM but one was rigged with wrong time. It was meant to take out the police and fire galla and first responders.

Chicago P.D. - Season 1

Dawson goes to talk to Frank about information on Ted but all he does is anger Dawson.

Powell posts a video on the internet about waging war on the CPD and CFD and that anyone that has to do with either department is not safe.

Halstead/Sheldon learn that a Ryan Wilcox has had repeated visits to Frank in jail and they investigate him. They go to the car garage he owns. They find it rigged with explosives so Halstead/Ruzek go inside to disarm it. They find Ryan dead in the garage. They find some unsettling news as there is going to be a 3rd car bomb in white van that is probably set to go off at 8:30 pm giving them just a half hour to work with to find it. Voight thinks that it’s going to be at their headquarters.

They find the van and find Ted at the apartment building across the street. Sumner works with the bomb squad to detonate the bomb while the rest of the group goes after Ted.

By the end of the show, Burgess learns that her niece is going to pull through and Severide (Taylor Kinney) and Lindsey spend the night together.

In the next episode, Pulpo gets out of jail to help the Chicago PD try and take down a drug cartel but they get more then they bargained for as he turns the tables on them.

What did you think of the show?

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