‘Chicago PD’ 1×14 Recap – Voight charges through the city looking for Pulpo

Chicago P.D. - Season 1

In last week’s episode,  the Chicago PD band together to find Pulpo and bring him to justice for what he did.

In this week’s episode, titled “The Docks”, Voight and the rest of the squad all come together to try and find Pulpo and seek revenge on him for what he did to Dawson and the other cops.

Dawson is in critical condition so the rest of the squad bond together to find and take down Pulpo. Voight wants Pulpo for himself (to make sure he doesn’t make it back to the jail) but Halstead doesn’t feel comfortable with doing that (he thinks that Voight is so gun-ho on this because of something that happened with his dad).

They find the runaway car that Pulpo used and find the driver dead. Lindsey tells them that his family is with them, which means he’s been planning this for a long time.

Ruzek has a Spanish speaking office send a threatening call to Pulpo’s lawyer, Anthony, to spook him. It works as Anthony tells them about Neil Bunker which is someone who helps people create new identities. They find out that he was going to do that for him.

They are able to find Pulpo’s car but it only has Pulpo’s family in the car. Voight realizes that Pulpo used his family as a diversion so he could get away.

Chicago P.D. - Season 1

They find that Stephan Nastra, from the Russian mob, tried to bail Pulpo out which they don’t understand because they don’t like each other. Voight brings in someone to translate Stephan’s emails (which were in Russian). They find one that has information about a shipment of SUV’s being sent to Moscow. Stephan tells Voight that Pulpo is on one of those SUVs. Voight/Oslinksy take him away.

Halstead goes to see Dawson and Dawson tells him about what happened last time with Voight/Oslinsky and about the docks. Halstead is able to get there in time to stop Voight from killing Pulpo. Hope that doesn’t come back to haunt them in the future.

Annie goes to see Lindsey about Charlie. Annie agrees to meet with Charlie but only if Lindsey is there with them. This Charlie character is certainly something serious considering how Annie is acting. He is still angry with how he got set up. She calms him down by telling him about his son Travis with Annie. Now we get why Charlie is so determined to see Annie.

Lindsey sets up a dinner so Charlie can meet with Annie and their son, but it just fuels something in Charlie. He basically tells Lindsey that she owes him and he’s going to cal her on it someday soon.

Chicago P.D. - Season 1

Sheldon continues to work as the rat for Ed and he finds himself in trouble as Platt catches him downloading files onto a flash drive. Ed doesn’t like this flash drive, he wants a wire on his phone, car, or on him and he threatens his father again.

He is able to keep Voight away from suspicion by putting it on Sumner. It works as Voight transfers Sumner to Narcotics. With that spot open, both Burgess and Atwater want it, but Atwater gets it. Voight says it’s because of her and Ruzek.

We get to see the guilt that Oslinsky’s been carrying around since him and Voight took out Browning because of what he did to his partner. He asks for forgiveness with his ex-wife. Voight sees Halstead’s point and they smooth things over.

In the next episode we get the season finale, Charlie creates havoc in Lindsey’s life as he calls in for that favor she owes him.

What did you think of the show?

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