“Graceland” 2×3 – Mike gets his break while one of their own leaves the house

Graceland - Season 2

In last week’s episode, Mike makes a bold move as he sends Briggs down to Mexico to meet with Caza causing Charlie to lash out at him.

In this week’s episode, titled “Tinker Bell”, the pressure starts to get to Mike as the timeline starts to cut down. Johnny finds himself in trouble with Carlito as they try and take him out.

Tension rises as DJ returns back to Graceland wanting his room back but Zelanski is already moved into his room. A fight breaks out and Mike is called on to make a decision. In the end, Mike sticks with DJ which means that Zelanski has to leave.

Paige/Briggs go undercover to talk with one of her dealers Top, to try and get him to see more cocaine for them so that they can try and figure out which bus line that Mexicans are using to smuggle across the boarder but it backfires as Paige gets a knife to her hand but Briggs is able to save the operation.

Johnny is working on Carlito Jr. but finds that he’s in trouble as he might be setting himself up for failure. When he gets there he almost gets himself killed, but instead he is able to hold his ground and find success, thought it wasn’t pretty.

Its pretty obvious that Carlito does not care for Johnny but it looks like his sister Lucia and him seem to have some kind of connection. Wouldn’t be surprised if Johnny starts to use Lucia to get information on the drug exchange and wouldn’t be surprised if he gets feelings for her.

As punishment for coming in drunk, he is set to look through hours of video tapes to try and get a clue about the bus lines. He does find a clue about a staple that the cartel uses to sell the drugs. As a reward, him and Paige go to the bus station to try and scope out the bus line.

The stake out works and find the line (118). Paige talks to the new girl with the backpack and try and get information. She learns that the drugs are in balloons that the girls swallowed. She said that she had swallowed them in Mexico and was promised to become an American citizen if she succeeded. Paige offers her help by giving her a cell phone and tells her to get on the bus (220) to Sylmar.


DJ stays with the bus 118 to tell Mike about it’s location and Paige tries to go back for the girl, but all she finds is the phone and the backpack.

Meanwhile, Mike and Paige try and keep their relationship a secret from the rest of the house.

The group is still having a hard time letting Mike take the lead in the case. He wants to try and get results for the DC people, but he might be trying to hard. He already got Paige hurt and almost has Johnny get killed because of his decisions.

In two weeks, the show returns as Mike is desperate to get the drugs and guns that he thinks are on the bus but sees that maybe he’s chasing the wrong one.

What did you think of the show?

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