“Breathing” series by Rebecca Donovan to be adapted to film


Earlier this morning, author Rebecca Donovan has announced that her Breathing series will in fact become a movie through her blog.

Donovan is going to be doing something a little different with these movies. While they are going to be adapted, it doesn’t look like they will find their way to the big screen. But this is a good thing. They are going to shoot them all at once and have the stories told in three different 75 to 90 minute increments released at the same time. This way you don’t have to wait years a year at a time for the next movie.

Donovan has also stated that she helped write the scripts and will be a part of the production process as well. This is good as you know that she will help choose the right actors as Evan, Emma, and Sara and choose the right location for the shoot (she has already hinted that Massachusetts might be one of them). There is still no directed announced yet, but that should be coming shortly after they are able to find one.

There has been a book trailer released in order to try and help earn money to make the movie and you can see the eerie video below.

In the series, we watch as Emma struggles with an abusive home life after her father dies and mother disappears into drugs and alcohol leaving her to be raised by her aunt (who abuses her) and uncle. She meets new guy Evan at the beginning of her junior year in high school and he helps her grow into the person that she is meant to be (of course with some bumps along the way).

There are three books in the Breathing series all three of them are available as e-books on Amazon.

What do you think of the announcement?

7 thoughts on ““Breathing” series by Rebecca Donovan to be adapted to film

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  2. tracie says:

    Cannot wait…so excited!! Been hoping for this for a long time and rereading each of the four books to pass the time!

  3. Sheighlyn Spaulding says:

    There is only three books and Evan and Emma met during her Junior year in high school not her senior year.

  4. Allie says:

    Where can I find the movie??

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