Book review: “Ten Tiny Breaths” by K.A. Tucker – a heartfelt story about moving on from a troubled past

ten tiny breaths
Format: ebook, paperback
Series: book 1 of Ten Tiny Breaths series
Rating: 15+ language, sensual content
Genre: Young Adult
Goodreads page:

In this story, we follow Kacey as she moves to Miami with her sister, Livie after she learns that their uncle almost tried to molest her in their sleep. She is determined to give Livie a better life, trying to make up the guilt she has for surviving a car accident that killed five people that she loved.

Kacey is a fun character to read as she uses sarcasm to hide her secrets from the world. Of course, the people that she meet force her to try and open up, it fun reading how she replies to them and how some of the things that she said, I could see myself saying in similar situations. Some of the best stories that we read are ones that we can see ourselves in and that is what Tucker has done here. She created a life and characters that can be anyone of us and have them react in the same way.

The other characters in the story really add to Kacey’s road to moving on. Her next door neighbor Storm is feisty and caring, and shows Kacey that sometimes you have to do something ‘frowned upon’ to get something good in the end. With her and the other neighbor Trent, they are able to help Kacey open up about her past and really start to heal.

Trent is a mysterious charater who you know has some issues in his past. He is nothing but sweet and dedicated to Kacey but it seems a little too much to fast. When his secrets start to come out, you understand why he did what he did but also really see him in a different light. Would you have reacted the same way Kacey did? Maybe. But you can not deny that Trent changed Kacey in a way no one else could and that’s what Tucker wants you to know. Love can help heal wounds if you let it.

My only problem with the story is the ‘twist’ in it. Not giving anything away, but it seemed a little too perfect that the person she hated them most would be the person that she would love the most. But Tucker does a good job at saving that little bit of ‘a perfect world’ with the meaning behind it. The point of the book is about not holding grudges and forgiveness. Kacey is able to learn to begin to forgive after she falls in love with Trent.

Overall, it’s a great story about moving on and living with the events that happen in our lives. Yes it may not be but we wanted but it’s all a part of life and shape who we are.

Rating: A-

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The Ten Tiny Breaths Series:

Book #0.5 – In her Wake
Book #1 – Ten Tiny Breaths
Book #2 – One Tiny Lie
Book #3 – Four Seconds to Lose
Book #4 – Five Ways to Fall

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