“How to Get Away With Murder” 1×2 – Annalise defends a millionaire, while Wes is covering up the murder for someone else

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In the series opener, Shonda Rhimes shows why she is the master of nighttime drama. She hits another winner with this show as a law professor/defense attorney teaches her class all about law class which a group of students take a little too literal.

In this week’s episode titled “It’s All her Fault”, Annalise defends a millionaire who is accused of killing his wife.

Once again, Annalise talks about her next case with her class and this one involves a millionaire by the name of Mark St. Vincent (Steven Weber, Murder in the First). The class quickly sees that this is going to be quite difficult as Mark is a little off his rocker. Case in point when him and Annalise show what the prosecution thinks happened.

The politics seem to start (that didn’t take long) within the ‘special chosen’ group. They all don’t understand why Wes was chosen because Annalise seems to give him special assignments. Of course this has nothing to do with the fact that he caught her cheating on her husband.

htgawm 1_2_2

Wes is showing why he’s working with Annalise by helping her take down the witness that found the murder wife. Not to be out done, the rest of the group try to help discredit the other witnesses. He also figure out the whole case which impresses Annalise.

Annalise shows the group about what it’s like to question a witness by testing it out on Mark’s daughter Elise. They want to prepare her for what the prosecution are going to ask. As we all know, you can’t always trust what’s going to happen on the witness stand. And we quickly see that as we see how Mark’s first wife (Elise’s mother died) by way of a hunting knife. This doesn’t look good for the defense.

Annalise is feeling the pressure to win the case as they need to prove that Mark’s first wife and second wife’s murders are not connected. Laurel is able to find an important fact (Mark’s a hunter) and help prove that she’s there because she deserves to be not because Frank is interested in her. Annalise uses this tactic in her questioning of Mark. This murder is messy so they are saying that he would have killed her clean.

In the end, Annalise proves why she’s one of the best and wins the case. But bad news on the home front, Annalise thinks that Sam killed Lila. She goes to Nate for help but he says that it might be in her head. But is it? She would know if a man is guilty better then anyone else?

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For the other murder on campus, Wes sees the victim’s (Lila) boyfriend, Griffin, and remembers him meeting with his neighbor (Rebecca) and talking about the victim. Annalise and Sam get into a fight in front of the group about Annalise thinking that Sam slept with her (which isn’t the first time). Explains why Annalise was cheating on him. Or perhaps she did it to get a trump card for a case. Rebecca/Griffin are arrested for the murder and Wes tries to clear her name and he finds a cell phone.

Like with the first episode, we go back and forth between ‘present’ time and two months before. In this episode, we see Wes talking to someone talking about ‘taking care of it’ and how he’s bending all the decisions to make sure that it happens. It’s becoming more and more suspicious that Annalise killed her husband, Sam.

But the show once again surprises us as it turns out that Wes is not covering for Annalise but rather it’s for Rebecca. Apparently they are hooking up. But judging by her face it looks like he’s more into it then her.

In other news, Nate breaks things off with Annalise for what she did and for blackmailing him on the stand.

In next week’s show, Annalise is forced to defend Griffin and she is torn because she believes that Sam is the one that killed Lila.

What did you think of the show?

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