‘Chicago PD’ 2×3 Recap – Halstead finds himself in trouble as they try and remove his target

chicago pd 2_3_2

In the last episode, Halstead is determined to avenge what happened to his friend, but he finds himself deep in trouble that he might not be able to get out of.

In this week’s episode, titled ‘The Weigh Station’, a hit man takes out Halstead but accidentally kills a bartender instead.

Halstead is angry that Mary got shot because of him and wants his vengeance against the shooter. But of course, Voight tells Halstead that he’s on house arrest until they find the killer.

Oslinsky tries to get the hit off Halstead peacefully but we all know it’s not going to be that easy.

It doesn’t take long for them to find two of the people in the car, because let’s face it Voight is not one to mess with.

chicago pd 2_3_3

They bring Carl (the shooter) to the station and lock him in the cage. Voight does his form of interrogation (the kind that isn’t exactly legal) and is able to get somewhere with him. Apparently there is a list of people that Oscar wanted to take down. Doesn’t take long for a victim to show up from the list.

Ruzek brigns them good news as he finds tapes from Oscar talking with someone about the list. A name comes up JP who Oslinsky knows as James Price. Price says he will help if they can wipe his son’s record. When he agrees, Price gives them a name of Patrick a contract killer. This investigation just got a whole lot more serious.

As the group is investigating, they see that the timeline is getting fast and faster as more and more dead bodies start piling up.

Price is being used to try and pull Patrick out. He is going under with Halstead and they quickly sees that he’s too invested in the case. Lindsey is not comfortable with him under cover but there is really nothing that they can do. And they really get the ultimate test as now Price needs to kill Halstead in order to keep his son alive.

chicago pd 2_3_1

Price is not as smart as he thinks that he would be as Halstead is able to handle him easily. When it comes time to do the exchange, Patrick sees Voight and tries to get away. But you can’t beat the Chicago PD.

Platt is her normal ray of sunshine as Nadia comes into work but she ends up putting her foot in her mouth. Sometimes she goes a little too far and as much as I love her, she can be too much sometimes. By the end, Platt offers Nadia advice on how to change her life around.

In other news, Lindsey is still struggling with her relationship with her mother as her mother is getting married today and wants her there. Lindsey does end up going because despite everything she does want a relationship with her mother. Too bad her mother is too selfish to meet her half way.

Apparently Roman knows Oslinksy and it doesn’t look good to be in a good way.

In next week’s show, the police department investigate a Politian’s missing daughter and quickly see that there is more to the story then on the surface.

What did you think of the show?

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