‘Chicago PD’ 2×4 Recap – Voight gets some surprising news while the group find a politician’s missing daughter

chicago pd 2_4_1

In the last episode, a hit man takes out Halstead but accidentally shoots a bartender sending Halstead on a vendetta for revenge.

In this week’s episode, titled “Chicken, Dynamite, Chainsaw”, the police department investigate a Politician’s missing daughter and quickly see that there is more to the story then on the surface.

Commander Fisher comes in to visit Voight but he’s reluctant because he thinks she’s just out having fun. But he’s forced to do it.

The group start talking about the missing girl, Allison, and where to start. But the decision is made for them when they find the car the girls were in filled with blood. Oslinksy notices a trail of blood and lo and behold, an unconscious man (probably the driver) tied up.

At the hospital, the driver is awake and telling Oslinksy what happened. It was two people that came and took the two girls, Allison and Haley (Allison’s friend who she was hanging out with). Oslinksy finds some useful information as the girls weren’t picked up at the library as they had originally thought.

chicago pd 2_4_2

Voight knows that this is a kidnapping and seems personal so he goes and tries to ask _ if he is doing something that he shouldn’t be.

But at the Chicago University where there is a guy named Jordan who just so happens to have called and texted her a lot. Looks like they were seeing each other. But he doesn’t know anything.

They get a lead as they get a hit on a location that the girls might be. Sure enough, once they get their, one of the girls is thrown out a window and a shootout ensues. Because what would a show be without some kind of shootout. Dawson takes down one of the shooters but the other one gets away with Allison.

They look into the dead kidnapper, Jason, and try and get all that they can from it. Turns out that Haley’s father (Gordon) knew Jason.

Halstead/Oslinksy talk with Jason’s mother and find out that he is friends with a guy named Reed. Now the search begins for him. And they will use Gordon to do it because all this is his fault. Looks like someone’s in the dog house. He does help them find where Reed is.

chicago pd 2_4_3

The group surrounds an abandoned building and they look to be dropping in on the exchange. Lucky for him it worked out in their favor as they can take Reed down and save Allison.

In other news, Roman/Burgess are running a gun buy back program and while it helps them bond, it’s not the most exciting thing. But it proves fruitful because they may have found a gun that would solve a triple homicide that Roman had responded to. They take the case on their own despite Platt tells them not to.

Dawson’s daughter Emma comes to see him at the station and he’s less then happy she came to see him. But he softens when he realizes that she’s just scared that him and Laura are getting a divorce.

Voight gets some surprising news as he learns he might be grandfather as a woman named Olive says she’s pregnant with Justin’s baby. Voight as a grandfather? This should be interesting. But Voight proves once again that he protects his own.

Things might be getting interesting for Dawson as he takes a part time job working for Roman and the man he’s protecting has a beautiful wife who he looks attracted to.

In next week’s show, Voight is the source of an attack and he will stop at nothing to find the people who robbed him.

What did you think of the show?

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