‘Law and Order: SVU’ 16×4 – Benson is torn between two places as they look for a revenge killer

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In the last episode, the police look into a celebrity train wreck wondering if something happened to her as a teenager that made her fall into a life of drugs.

In this week’s show, titled “Holden’s Manifesto”, SVU is looking for a man that is going after women who have victimized him in the past and Rollins finds herself in trouble as she tries to take him down. It is based on the real life crime wave that happened in Santa Barbara, CA by Elliot Roger. He had victimized women who have ‘wronged’ him in the past.

The show opens with a young man named Holden (guest star John Karna) watching people in the park really bitter about the couples in the park.

After the victim, Gwen, gets taken away, we see Holden again as he says that he did and that he will finally get noticed. Probably another bully-victim who is looking for revenge.

When Rollins/Benson talk with Gwen they learn that the victim doesn’t seem to know what he’s doing. His inexperience will probably help the detectives.

svu 16_4_2

Doesn’t take long for a 2nd victim. I’m sure this is just going to get worse and worse.

Benson is under a lot of heat from the higher ups so she pushes her team to get results. This means bringing in possible people who could be his victims. It includes a surprise visit from the Chief of Police (Peter Gallagher, TV’s Covert Affairs).

They get a lead when they find a link that leads them to Holden. Looks things are going to get a lot more intense when he feels like he’s backed in the corner.

Rollins/Finn go an talk with Holden’s parents. They learned that he was bullied. His mother thinks that he is autistic. That could explain some thinks about why he thinks no one wants him.

When Amaro/Benson go to talk to him, he creates a scene and offers no information for them, but Benson wants to keep an eye on him.

All the pieces start to come together as the girls remember him and we figure out why he stabbed them so many times. It was their age that they ignored him. This is only the beginning to what is sure going to be an interesting finale to the show.

svu 16_4_3

SVU set up a team of police trying to find Holden (who can be anywhere) and anyone can be his next victim. Maybe the parents will know more? She is able to give them a couple of names that could be possible targets including his old English teacher. Looks like she’s not the target but her husband.

Now it’s up to Rollins/Amaro to try and talk him down and prevent him from killing the four young hostages. Benson/Finn arrive on the scene and try and help the situation.

The Chief has been less then helpful during the investigation as he just keeps getting on Benson’s case about how she does things. But Benson group prove her right as she is able to get Holden to lower his gun but the Chief of police has him taken out rather then take him in.

Meanwhile, Benson is standing by Noah in the ER who had spiked a fever. When he’s in there, Benson finds out that he was abused before she got him. It looks like she might in trouble of losing Noah as her case working is not at all happy that she went to work. Please don’t let them take away Benson’s son.

In the next episode, a college co-ed gets gang raped but her past of sexual experiences make convicting the rapists difficult.

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