‘Chicago PD’ 2×5 Recap – The unit come together to find the ones that hurt one of their own

chicago pd 2_5_1

In the last episode, the police department investigate a Politician’s missing daughter and quickly see that there is more to the story then on the surface.

In this week’s episode, titled “An Honest Woman”, Voight is the source of an attack and he will stop at nothing to find the people who robbed him.

Dawson is still working as a body guard and sees a deal going down with diamonds.

Voight is still talking with the Olive when he goes to get some money. While down there, he gets attacked. Of course, this prevents him from coming to work the next day so Halstead/Lindsey go and see what’s going on. Things aren’t looking good but the team need to find him sooner rather then later. Knowing Voight isn’t one to leave things unwatched, Atwater finds a hidden camera.

The group see Olive show up and then two men show up later. They think that she helped set up Voight. They find that one of the guys is Ian Marks but they can’t ID the other guy. They may have found a location because one of them was stupid and called someone.

The guys get Voight to give up the combo to the safe by attempting to kill Olive. The 2nd guy shows no qualms about killing. He’s going to be the tough one to find. The group get there in time to save Olive but the guys leave. Olive tells Voight that she may have accidentally set this up by telling him that Ian had threatened to kill her baby. So the guys were right. She did set up Voight but considering the scar on her stomach, it didn’t seem like she wanted to.

chicago pd 2_5_2

Voight is going to have a few words with Olive’s friend Josie and Ian and this mystery guy. They get a hit on the van that Ian was driving so Dawson/Atwater/Ruzek go to investigate. But instead they find a homeless man who was told to set fire to the van.

When Oslinksy/Voight meet up with Josie, they decide to do some not so approved questioning skills as they break Josie’s friend fingers and they find out the other guys name is Lucas and that they don’t know where they went.

The group look up Lucas and find that he’s a ghost. But Ian comes to the station saying he wants to make a deal and turn Lucas over. Voight takes him out of the station so that he can do his kind of ‘special’ kind of interviewing.

They find out that Lucas is going to be leaving the state soon to go to Canada. So the group goes under cover.

In the bus station, Lucas kills Ian before grabbing his half of the money and taking off. Halstead is able to stop him before he kills a victim. Voight looks through the bags for something but it’s not there. My guess is that it has to do with some of the files or flash drives he had in his safe.

chicago pd 2_5_3

Meanwhile, Roman/Burgess look for a girl named Monica who stole her star. Layla makes a move on Dawson but he rejects her. When Layla’s husband sees this, he thinks it was the other way around. Dawson and him are going to come to blows real soon.

Lindsey gets an intriguing offer as a DA tells her that the Feds want her to lead her on unit for them. Of course she’s not going to leave her unit, but it would be an interesting opportunity for her.

Justin and Voight finally get a connection over the baby. We find out what Voight was looking for. It was his wife’s engagement ring. He wants Justin to give it to Olive. See Voight is just a big ol’ softy.

In next week’s show, a case hits close to home for Atwater that forces him and Ruzek to go undercover in a prison to find out who set up a hit a on a little girl.

What did you think of the show?

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