“Once Upon a Time” 4×5 – Emma searches for the Ice Queen while David and Mary Margaret have a date night

once 4_5_3

In the last episode, Emma asks Hook on a date, which leads him to make a deal with Mr. Gold.

In this week’s episode, titled ‘Breaking Glass’, the snow Queen begins to make her move on the town while Elsa finds herself in trouble with her.

Emma and Elsa try and figure out a way to take down the Ice Queen but of course Elsa is still hung up on Anna. Elsa finds a bunch of pictures when Emma first got there and there is one of her and the Ice Queen talking in the ice cream parlor, thus concluding that Emma’s memories have been wiped.

Emma asks Regina about the picture and she is less then helpful considering she is trying to fix the last problem that Emma made.

When Elsa is alone, she starts hearing Anna calling for her and she sees a shadow of her in the night. Of course, Elsa acts without thinking (once again) and follows the shadow thus leading her following into what is surely a trap by the Ice Queen.

Sure enough, Ice Queen is waiting for Elsa at the end of the icy rainbow. She says she needs her out of the way so that she can do her bidding. Sounds like it’s going to be ice related since she is wanting to tie down Elsa. Apparently we have a snowman coming to Storybrook and I don’t think it’s going to be Olaf.

once 4_5_1

Emma and Regina run into each other at the forest as they are both looking for the Ice Queen. During their walk to find the Ice Queen, Regina snaps at Emma for bringing Marian back and essentially ruining her life. Guess Emma can’t give everyone a happy ending.

Looks like Sydney is working for the Snow Queen now and it was all part of the plan to lead them there so that they can be a part of the downfall of the city. Whatever is the plan, it’s going to hit a snag as Elsa is able to break out of her chains. But Snow Queen gets away after she takes Sydney away from Regina.

In her castle, we find out that she didn’t want Sydney but the compact that he was trapped in. Apparently it’s filled with a lot of dark magic from Regina. It brings her what she wants. A family that loves her. Does this mean she’s going to bring back people from the dead or make people that will love her?

We meet a teenage Emma as she meets a girl named Lily who teaches her how to shoplift. Emma starts to bond with Lily about their life in foster homes. Lily has a star mark on her wrist but no way to know how it got there. They make a promise to always be friends. Obviously that is not going to last forever. Turns out that the man chasing them is really Lily’s father not the foster house. Emma is not all that forgiving. This explains why we are seeing this little flashback because Regina is acting the way to her that she did to Lily.

once 4_5_2

By the end of the show, Regina and Emma find some common ground but she is still angry with Emma.

Emma watches the recording she made with Lily and by the end of the show and we find out the connection between the Ice Queen and Emma. Emma was once a foster kid at the Ice Queen’s house.

Meanwhile, David tries to talk Mary Margaret into going out for the night while Belle watches Neil. Of course, Mary Margaret is reluctant not wanting to leave him. Understandable considering she missed raising Emma. Instead of a nice walk, they decide to search for the missing prisoner. You know. For old times sake.

Mary Margaret finds Scarlett at the beach digging up something. A sack apparently. So it looks like David let Scarlett go the whole time so that Mary Margaret can focus on something other then Neil. Except for the fact that David didn’t let him go.

In the next episode, Belle makes a tough decision while things aren’t going for well for Anna and Elsa when they were back at their castle.

What did you think of the show?


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