‘Law and Order: SVU’ 16×6 – Two girls go missing as they went searching for a ghost story

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In the last episode, a college co-ed gets gang raped but her past of sexual experiences make convicting the rapists difficult.

In this week’s show, titled “Glasgowman”, three girls go missing as they were in the woods investigating a mystery and SVU find that this is not the typical scary story. This show falls in just perfectly with the Halloween holiday that just passed.

We start off the show with three girls having fun at their slumber party before deciding to go Inglewood Park to look for someone they called Glasgowman. While there, they get more then they are bargained for as one of them spots a figure and another one of their own (Zoe) gets taken.

Rollins/Carisi gets to the scene the next day and find that Zoe has been stabbed but is still alive as of now. A woman had been able to take a picture of the suspect but the face is covered and they are wearing all black.

Good news is that it looks like Zoe is going to survive. At least, as of right now. But bad news is that Zoe’s moms arrive and find out that her sister Mia and the third girl (Perry) is still missing.

Benson’s good time with Noah is short lived as work calls. She is quite mad that she wasn’t called earlier. Can I just ask a side question is that seems to be ignored, where is Cassidy?

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Benson/Amaro talk to Zoe. She tells them what happened and best of all she saw the man.

Rollins/Carisi lead the search party giving cadets information about Glasgowman and the two missing girls. And they are able to find the Glasgowman. That’s the good news. The bad news is, he’s one French fry short of a happy meal.

Back at the precinct, the unit regroups and talk about Glasgowman aka Charlie. As  Benson/Carisi talk with Charlie and find that he was committed and he escaped. Maybe he should have stayed in there. He claims to never have seen the girls. He doesn’t seem to be the most reliable person. He said he found Zoe but he didn’t hurt her. It is quite possible that he could be a victim in all this too.

Carisi is able to get Charlie to take him and Rollins to where he lives and Rollins finds something disturbing. A bloody knife.

Benson watches the tape that Zoe, Perry, and Mia made. It looks like their destination was to go to Glasgowman’s mansion. She thinks that this may be the key to finding Perry and Mia. She said that Leslie (a boy) is the one that told them about Glasgowman.

Of course, Leslie doesn’t know where they are but he tells them about the place that they could be.

Amaro finds the girls and they don’t look in good shape. They are tied up and have been stabbed. Perry says that it was Glasgowman that hurt them.

svu 16_6_3

Things aren’t looking to good for Charlie right about now.

Mia and Perry tell the detectives what happened. But there is a bit of a problem with the timeline. The doctor tells Rollins that the stabbing happened recently. Benson thinks that this was all a ploy to kill Zoe. Apparently there is no sisterly love in this one.

Rollins/Benson talk with Zoe to try and figure out what is going on.

It sounds like Mia is a little TOO friendly with Perry. Perhaps there’s feelings there on her part? Would explain why Perry doesn’t like Zoe because Zoe tags along all the time.

The unit looks at the evidence. Perry stabbed herself to cover her story and that both her and Mia were responsible for trying to kill Zoe.

Carisi has a heart to heart with Charlie and he is able to talk him into getting some help.

Time to get to the bottom of what happened. Mia of course sings like a canary and says that Perry is the one that stabbed Zoe. Perry tells Benson/Amaro that Glasgowman comes to her at night and talks to her. This girl looks to have a split personality disorder.

In family court, Mia is let go and Perry has to go to a psychiatric ward.

As the show comes to an end, Perry, Mia, their parents, Carisi, and Rollins get into an eleveator and Carisi sees Mia and Perry cross pinkies as a sign to a promise. It looks like Mia really did try and kill her sister and this is all just a ploy to avoid going to jail. Those sneaky, sneaky little girls. Unfortunately, we don’t find why they wanted Zoe dead. Hopefully this doesn’t come back later in the season.

In the next episode, we are going to get a three show crossover with Chicago Fire and Chicago PD. SVU will go to Chicago help the police take down a molestation ring. The first part will air Tuesday 11/11 with Chicago Fire at 9pm and end with Chicago PD on 11/12 at 10pm.

What did you think of the show?

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