‘Chicago PD’ 2×6 Recap – Unit tries to find the person responsible for putting a hit on a little girl

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In the last episode, Voight is the source of an attack and he will stop at nothing to find the people who robbed him.

In this week’s episode, titled “Prison Ball”, a case hits close to home for Atwater that forces him and Ruzek to go undercover in a prison to find out who set up a hit a on a little girl.

The show opens with Burgess hanging out with Atwater with his sister before he gets a call about a new case.

At the scene, the unit sees that the new case involves a 10 year old victim (Mia) who took two shots to the head. They learn that Mia was going to be testifying in court against an up and coming high school star (Grant). Which means that this is no accident.

As the group look into what happened with Grant being arrested, they find it was a minor charge of robbery but it would be enough to ruin his chances of going to the NBA. They find out that Grant’s uncle (Tucker) is in prison and would have no problem taking her out.

The new chief takes point with Voight and tells him that this case is the most important case right now but they can’t go after their suspect the conventional way. That means that they are going to have to do things their way. Atwater offers to go undercover in prison to try and get information on Tucker. He’s taking this case very serious as the victim looks like his little sister.

chicago pd 2_6_2

Atwater goes under cover in the prison with Ruzek and Dawson as backup. You know this is not going ot be an easy bust for them.

Things get complicated fsat when they get in the prison as Tucker leaves soon after they arrive because he made a deal with the DA and got moved to the witness protection part of the prison away from Atwater and Ruzek. Time to look for a plan C.

Ruzek is quick thinking as he comes up with a way to get Atwater to where Tucker. They get into a prison fight. But the consequences of Ruzek’s decision might find him in trouble with the other inmates. They seemed to have figured out that there is something off with Ruzek and Atwater. Panicking, Ruzek tries to warn Dawson about what he found out inadvertently blowing Dawson’s cover.

While in the protection room, Atwater goes back to questioning Tucker, but he gets suspicious as Atwater keeps asking about Mia.

On the outside, Voight talks with his group and catches them up on what’s going on and having them work the case to try and help Atwater.

Halstead is able to come up with a suspect as there was a hit and run nearby and they think that the car was fleeing the scene after shooting Mia.

Halstead/Lindsey follow that lead and find that the car was impounded because of parking tickets. Off to the junkyard.

chicago pd 2_6_3

Voight/Oslinsky take the next part as they go to talk to the junkyard worker. They find out that he does some dirty stuff as he lets people ‘rent’ cars that have been impounded to make a quick buck. It looks like htat is no longer going to be happening. As a compromise, he gives them the name of the person he rented the car too that night.

Lindsey/Halstead tag in as they go and bring the driver (Omar) in. Apparenlty Omar was cellmates with Tucker when he was in jail and offered to do the hit for money. This could be the information that they need to get Tucker to admit the hit.

Atwater uses this new information and is able to get Tucker to open up but right after Tucker admits to setting up the hit, he find out that Atwater is a cop.

Meanwhile, Burgess and Roman work with some at risk kids to try and help them improve their lives, but they find that it’s more then they bargained for as the kids are able to escape their watch.

We finally find out why Roman doesn’t like Oslinsky. Because apparently Oslinsky watched Roman’s partner get shot and almost bleed to death. Despite doing what he thought was best because he was able to take down the shooter. Doesn’t really erase the fact that the cop is now in a wheelchair for the rest of his life.

Lindsey is still trying to decide if she wants to be a part of the new task force. With cases like this it makes her want to do it more and more. And she asks Halstead for advice.

In next week’s show, we are going to get a three show crossover with Chicago Fire and Chicago PD. SVU will go to Chicago help the police take down a molestation ring. The first part will air Tuesday 11/11 with Chicago Fire at 9pm and end with Chicago PD on 11/12 at 10pm.

What did you think of the show?

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