‘Law and Order: SVU’ 16×7 – Two units come together to take down a pedophile ring

svu 16_7_1

In the last episode, three girls go missing as they were in the woods investigating a mystery and SVU find that this is not the typical scary story.

In this week’s show, titled “Chicago Crossover”, we are going to get a three show crossover with Chicago Fire and Chicago PD. SVU will go to Chicago help the police take down a molestation ring. The first part will air Tuesday 11/11 with Chicago Fire at 9pm and end with Chicago PD on 11/12 at 10pm.

The first part of the show started yesterday on Chicago Fire. During a fire and rescue, Serveride saved a man who was clutching a briefcase law  filled with child porn. Enter in Chicago PD and Voight and Lindsey. They look over the photos and things get personal as Lindsey recognizes her brother in a picture. He know lives in Manhattan and asks SVU there (aka Rollins) for help.

And that is how the Crossover week began.

Benson briefs Voight on the case and he warns Benson about Lindsey’s half brother.

When Halstead/Lindsey arrive they talk about her brother (Teddy) and how he left home 10 years ago and his connection to the ring.

Their tech finds the videos that is feeding through the internet and they think that the photos were still shots of these videos. Time to put their heads together and take down this ring. It’s the two best squads out there. They will get it done.

Fin finds Teddy’s mug shot but he’s Voight’s last name. Something that Halstead isn’t going to let go. But this gives them a lead.

svu 16_7_2

The woman that works the house gives them a woman’s name who was close with Teddy. Of course, she is not helpful because she is trying to separate herself from that old life. But in the end she tells them where Teddy is working. Apparently a LGBT gathering that seems to be the place where they party and forget their problems.

When they find him, he looks nothing like his mug shot and Lindsey has a hard time dealing with how he is now. She regrets letting him runaway or not looking for him sooner. But it probably wouldn’t have made a difference.

Benson/Lindsey try to talk to Teddy but he is not forthcoming so Benson tries talking to him alone but he still doesn’t want to talk.

Rollins/Amaro go to talk to Jocelyn again but she seemed to know a little bit to much about the ring. Turns out she was a part of it too. Would make sense how they know each other. Too bad he was the one that had raped Jocelyn

Teddy says that he did it because he didn’t want someone else to do it. He knew he could be nicer about it. But he doesn’t know anything else about it. But he remembers one that was really bad but he has no distinctive features. Finally he gives them a name. one of the security guards at the shelter named George.

George is in some trouble as he was seen talking to Henry. They go after George and Lindsey gets clipped by a biker while Benson takes down George (bad ass style). But her victory is short lived as Lindsey passes out.

Thank God that Lindsey is all right, but Voight is telling her to go home and he will take her place to make sure that they get justice. They soon find out that they have a timeline as something bad is going to happen to Henry. So Voight takes control of the questioning of George and Benson is not at all happy with the way he runs his unit.

George starts to talk but he doesn’t know anything of substance. So Voight and Benson ask Teddy for help. Voight comes up with an idea to get Jocelyn to help.

svu 16_7_3

Jocelyn sees that Teddy is there and is not happy about it. Teddy tries to apologize to her and she just doesn’t want to hear it. It’s hard to stay mad at him for that. Rock and hard place. That is where she is.

Jocelyn remembers the room and tells them what she remembered. And she knows that the guy going to attack Henry is a guy named Bob. Teddy remembers Bob’s last name and eventually they get a location.

Voight/Benson knock the door down before Bob is able to do anything.

While they are feeling really victorious, Rollins finds out that there is another man out there who is still continuing the show. Looks like Voight and Benson are going to have a little talk with Bob. Of course he won’t talk without immunity. Too bad the people in tombs gave Bob his justice before they could question him.

The group look at the killer named Lester David who had made a call to Chicago. Right as they get the information Voight gets a call that the man who was in the fire and a cop was killed.

Off to Chicago!

In the next episode, the unit work on a case of battered relationship where the wife won’t testify against her husband. Meagan Goode (Think Like a Man) guest stars as the wife and Chad Coleman (The Walking Dead) guest stars as the husband

What did you think of the show?

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