‘Revenge’ 4×9 Recap – Daniels tries to get Margaux back while David opens up to Victoria about his past

revenge 4_9_1

Emily is working one of the men who attacked David but he’s not offering anything. Ben shows up and complicates things for Emily. With liquid courage he asks Emily out. But she declines, not telling him about Aiden but saying she wasn’t dating.

Emily shows she still got a little darkness in her as she breaks him. Too bad his partner kills himself before he can be questioned.

There is a little spark with jack and that FBI agent.

The chief helps Victoria/David home. Victoria continues to mess with David’s head as she says she wants to have a life with him and Amanda.

Jack tells Emily about the guy who killed himself and he’s none to pleased to hear Emily’s involved.

Nolan continues to be ‘friends’ with Louise trying to get her angle. Perhaps also to use her as a trump card with Emily against Victoria. Or maybe it’s for Margaux.

When Louise finds out she sets Nolan in her crosshairs.

David finally swallows his pride to try and apologize but it was really to try and protect Emily. Nolan figures out that Emily is definitely up to something. She is not one to “sit things out”.

When Emily gets home she finds that her prisoner’s gone. Oh where oh where could he be? Could he have escaped or maybe Nolan let him out?

It was Nolan that let him out to try and save her relationship with David. He tells her he won’t help her to try and find a connection with Alvarez.


Victoria is frustrated not getting answers from David so she goes to the chief of police. And it sounds like he might know a little more then he lets on.

Daniel tries to get Margaux back but it’s going to be an uphill battle.
Victoria tries to reason with Daniel about David and Emily but he knows better.

Emily has second thoughts with Ben and they go out to a bar for dinner. Does she really like him or have an alternative motive. They talk about lost loves and she finds out that he has a history about Alvarez.

David and Victoria are having problems and trust is the issue. He’s starting to ask questions about where she was when he was in jail and of course she side steps the question. Finally David sees through her.

David goes back to his cave and goes to the safe where him and Victoria put millions of dollars. The money is still there and David puts a flash drive in there. Perhaps with information that the someone who is hunting him is looking for.

revenge 4_9_3
Before going on some adventure, he tells Nolan about the safe. He tells Nolan that Malcolm Black is the one that is trying to kill him. Doubt that it is the whole story. Why would someone who is so secretive be so willing to talk? Nolan tells David what Emily did and how he put a tracker in him.

David meets with the prisoner and gives him some money to give to Black. Apparently he took money from him. Gambling? Something more?

Victoria uses this information and tries to get Emily in Black’s crosshairs.

Daniel is finds able to reason with Margaux but finds out why she’s pushing him so hard. Because she…wait for it…is pregnant. Boom.

Emily makes a second attempt with Ben to get information on Alvarez. But he tells her the Feds were the only other ones who had access to Pete. Which means that fed that is smitten with Jack is working for Black.

In next week’s episode, it looks Kiel someone on the show may not make it another day as someone is going to be on the chopping block. Guesses? Between Margaux or Ben. They wouldn’t kill a major character mid-season. That is a season finale kind of thing.

What did you think of the show?


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