Book review: “Unbeautiful” by Jessica Sorensen – quick read with a twist ending


Format: ebook
Series: book 1 of the Unbeautiful series
Rating: 16+ for language, sensual content, dark themes
Genre: New Adult
Goodreads page:

In this spin-off series of the Coincidence series, we follow Ryler and Emery who come together by outside circumstances and are connected in more ways then they think.

This is a short read but it is one that you should get into. Right off the bat there is a suspense aspect of the book that makes you wonder what’s going to happen. Emery has something going on with her that makes her take a pink pill. We don’t know what it does or why she has to take it but considering her controlling parents, you know it can’t be good.

Ryler has a rough go of it at with his foster parents from the past and it resulted in him losing his voice. We don’t know how it happened, but you know it’s something bad. He looks for that fresh start but he soon finds out that he is in deeper then he might be able to handle.

When they meet, there is that instant connection but outside forces might make them having a relationship difficult, especially since Emery’s parents are forcing her into a relationship with a guy named Evan. Emery is struggling to find the answers to her questions but is afraid to ask the questions.

While it may be a short read, it is a very intriguing read. We do get glimpses of Violet and Luke and it makes you wonder if we will see Callie and Kayden. While Ryler and Emery have a connection it doesn’t mean that they will be able to be together.

Rating: B-


unbeautiful series

The Unbeautiful series

Book 1 – Unbeautiful

Amazon |Barnes and Noble | Amazon UK

Book 2 – Untamed (out 2/27)

Amazon | Amazon UK

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