Review: Into the Woods” – entertaining story that shows that life isn’t always greener on the other side

into the woods3

Starring: Emily Blunt, Anna Kendrick, Meryl Streep, Chris Pine, Johnny Depp, Daniel Huttlestone, James Corden, Christine Baranski, Tracy Ullman, Lilla Crawford, Mackenzie Mauzy, and Billy Magnussen.
Director: Rob Marshall
Rated: PG-13
Movie page:

In this movie, we get to see the Broadway show by the same name come alive. You see your favorite fairy tales all intertwine with the Woods as the central point. Each of them have their own wishes, but soon find out that there are consequences to those wishes.

into the woods6

There are three main stories with two side story. Each story has their own wish/problem that the characters are trying to accomplish and of course they need to go into the Woods in order to do that.

The movie does jump around a bit and this can be hard to follow but it seems to be doing that as a way to try and make it seem like you are watching the Broadway show version. You do get used to it after a while, but it does take some getting used to.

Like many Broadway shows, there is a time frame where the story drags on. That comes about 70% in the movie. There is a part where you think it’s the end but its deceiving as there is still another 40 minutes left of the film. It’s at this point it drags on for about a half hour before the climax of the movie comes.

into the woods9

The music was great and really showed the range of these actors, though, there were times at the beginning where you weren’t sure if the actor wasn’t a good singer or if they were doing that on purpose for the sake of the song (ie the ‘Agony’ number). The best number is a toss up between Meryl Streep’s solo number “Children will Listen” and “Your Fault” by Daniel Huttlestone, James Corden, Meryl Streep, Anna Kendrick, and Lilla Crawford. It was a complex song that was executed perfectly.

Overall, it’s an enjoyable movie that fans of musicals would like. But if you are not into that kind of movie, then you might find it boring.

Rating: C+

What did you think of the movie?


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