‘Revenge’ 4×11 Recap – A new plan is devised to try and find Malcolm Black

revenge 4_11_3

In the last episode, it looks like someone on the show may not make it another day as someone is going to be on the chopping block.

In this week’s episode, titled ‘Epitaph’, Victoria is wanting to seek revenge on Daniel’s death and we try and find out why David was trying to killing Victoria.

The show opens with Victoria and David rushing in and seeing a dead Daniel in Emily’s arms. Of course, Victoria is none to happy about it and says that it’s Emily’s fault (even though it was Victoria that told Taylor about Emily).

Jack comes up with the brilliant idea of trying to hide Taylor’s body as a way to save themselves from Malcolm’s wrath. Unfortunately it comes at Daniel’s expense.


It’s unfortunate that Daniel redeems himself but Emily/Jack/David ruin that by saying that Emily killed him after he attacked her. Of course, Victoria will have no part in that.

Some more bad news on the home front, as Ben has a hard time believing Emily’s story. He knows first hand how sneaky and manipulative Emily can be and with her messing up details, it’s not looking good.

Nolan of course covers the tech side of things as he makes it look like Taylor was in Miami, but good news is that he gets details about Malcolm from her phone and they use it to their advantage.

Victoria and David come to blows over Daniel’s death. So of course David does the most logical thing and he brings Victoria to Grayson manor with Emily. Nothing bad is going to come out of this right?

Margaux has a talk with Victoria about her phone call with Daniel, but Victoria shocks Emily by defending her story. Could she have her own vendetta she wants to have with Emily or does she believe David when he says that Malcolm could kill them all if he found out that they played a hand in Taylor’s death.

revenge 4_11_1

Nolan/Jack clean out Taylor’s hotel room and take everything with them, including a suspicious Hallmark looking card. Which in turn Louise grabs (no doubt to give to Victoria who she is chummy with again).

Emily finds herself in trouble with Ben when he starts asking her questions about his suspicions, but Emily does what she does best. She thinks quick on her feet and is able to convince him that her story is true.

As soon as Margaux finds out that Emily is let off, she wages war against her. And her first move is to ban Emily from Daniel’s funeral. Could it be come a war of Margaux/Victoria vs. David/Emily? This should be a good battle to the end.

David tells Emily that the ‘end plan’ was that he was going to kill Victoria. Was this all a part of why he came out of hiding? Was he supposed to kill the Graysons for Malcolm?

As the show comes to an end, an FBI agent (most likely Malcolm Black) is looking for Taylor. Alvarez makes a costly note and it leads to Agent (aka Black played by Tommy Flanagan, Sons of Anarchy) stabbing Alvarez but not before he finds out that Jack was working with Taylor.

In the next episode, David and Emily try to continue on with the plan to take out Victoria, but she is not going to go down without a fight.

What did you think of the show?



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