‘Chicago PD’ 2×11 Recap – Lindsey calls on Intelligence for help to take down a drug cartel

chicago pd 2_11_3

In the last episode, Burgess fights for her life while the rest of the unit deal with a terrorist attack.

In this week’s episode, titled “We Don‘t Work Together Anymore”, Lindsey asks Voight and the unit to help her take down a drug cartel.

Halstead tries to calm down Lindsey before her first day before work. And for good reason. They are trying to take down a drug cartel (Mendoza) with the help of their informant, Kylie. But when it comes time for the bust, the drug lord gets away with Kylie in stow.

Lang (Bailey Chase, Longmire) and the FBI get back to work. Lindsey suggests bringing in Intelligence to find Mendoza. They debate whether or not Kylie was faking with them or if she was really taken hostage. Seeing that she has a daughter it’s possible that she was kidnapped.

chicago pd 2_11_1

Intelligence gets a hit on a condo where a contact, Emilo, could be. She is reluctant to help them but she tells them that they bought 34 cars under her name. That is not suspicious at all. When they get the car location, Oslinksy and Ruzek go and pick up the car and the driver.

Oslinksy/Ruzek/Atwater look over the car and find $2 million in the gas tank. While Dawson/Voight work Quinero (the driver). Lang comes in and stops Voight’s interrogation and it creates friction with Lindsey and him. Once the deal is made, Quinero starts talking.

When they go to the speaking place, they find two of the other men that were bringing money dead. Looks like Mendoza is cleaning house and running with the money.

Voight/Oslinsky go and pay Urbina a visit. They pay a pretty for his information. And find out that the money has been tracked. Now is a good time to be friends with the FBI. They are able to track the money in 6 seconds and get on Mendoza’s tail.

Let the car chase begin.

chicago pd 2_11_

When they finally pull the truck down, they find the Kylie is still alive and the money is too. Looks like Lindsey is able to get success on her first day on the job. Though she finds out that it may not be all it’s cracked up to be.

Meanwhile, Burgess is back at work but she is stuck behind the desk doing Platt’s job for the day. On the road, Platt and Roman try to work a case. Roman sees that Platt is not the simple, boring desk Sergeant he thought she was.

In the end, Burgess tells Voight that she can’t leave the beat yet until she and Roman can get over the shooting. At least now, she won’t have that bitter feeling that was weighing on her since Atwater got promoted.

Halstead starts flirting with Lindsey and there may be something brewing there. And it does as the volcano of their relationship erupts and they end up sleeping together.

The show shows Lindsey has either has to change her whole way of working and learn that she can’t always question Lang’s decisions or she’s not going to last long. Anyone who knows Lindsey knows that this is easier said then done.

In next week’s episode, the unit search for an 8 year-old who is the only survivor in a gruesome murder.

What did you think of the show?



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