‘Law and Order: SVU’ 16×11 – SVU tries to take down an actor whose work imitates what he’s accused of

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In the last episode, Patton  (Harry Hamlin) shows up in town and is accused of raping someone but the only way that he can be convicted is if Rollins admits what he did to her.

In this week’s show, titled “Agent Provocateur”, the unit try and take down a famous actor who is accused of raping 15 year old girls and stuffing them in suitcases.

The show opens with a girl, Madison (Madison Grace) sneaking out somewhere and going off somewhere. Then she gets stuffed in a suitcase before being found and saved as the hospital.

Madison tells Amaro and Benson about what happened. While Fin/Carisi look at the scene where Madison was found. It looks like someone gave an anonymous tip. $10 it was the person who put her there. Madison tells the detectives about how her taxi driver gave her some pills which probably made her a little wobbly before he probably brought her to the person that assaulted her.

Fin/Carisi talk with Madison’s uncle who didn’t know that Madison lied to her.

The team (sans Rollins who is taking a break) regroup and try to work a new lead which is Scott Russo (Shiloh Fernandez, White Bird is a Blizzard) who had plans to see her. And it turns out that Madison is a big fan of his and came to New York just to see him. And obviously she doesn’t remember a thing. No doubt he’s going to say it was consensual.

svu 16_11_3

Fin/Carisi go and talk with Scott. He of course says that he left her alive and then his lawyer, Lydia (Patti LuPone, American Horror Story: Coven) comes in and shuts the questioning down. And it only gets worse for them as the security tapes go missing. Looks like someone is cleaning house.

The team looks to try and find evidence to try and get Scott. Scott’s costar Skye (Jeremy Jordan, Smash) says that Scott and Madison were at the party together.

When the trailer comes out for their new movie, Carisi thinks that this could all be a publicity stunt because the movie looks an awful like the crime that was committed. It wouldn’t be a big surprise. It’s crazy the lengths people go to to support a movie.

The stolen footage gets aired on a gossip TV show which means that the NYPD needs to make a move before the media goes crazy about it.

During interrogation, Carisi/Amaro talk about the video and Scott looks less then worried about it. He says that his other co-star Catalina (Teresa Moore) and him are having an affair and he shooed Madison away. Seems plausible, but there is something that he is not telling.

Amaro/Benson see that maybe they don’t have a strong case like they thought because Madison admits to taking the pills on her own and she claims they had sex. Looks like their job just got a whole lot harder.

svu 16_11_2

Barba/Benson/Amaro talk with the show’s producer Lenny (John Pankow, Episodes) and ask for the tape but of course he won’t give it up under the First Amendment. But of course Barba has got the trump card. Which means Lenny is on his way to jail.

Benson makes a chess move to try and get Lenny to talk. Fin/Carisi go undercover in jail with Lenny and he sings like a canary about the tapes.

Lydia tells Amaro/Barba what happened. She stuffed the girl in the suitcase to try and save Scott’s career. But Madison comes in and says it’s all a lie. Turns out that it was Skye that raped her and not Scott.

In the next episode, Amaro’s dad rolls into town and when his fiancée gets assaulted by his dad, Amaro must decide whether or not he can testify against his father.


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