Review – “Wicked” by Jennifer Armentrout – Fun start to another hit series

Wicked AmazonGRSW

Format: ebook, paperback
Series: book 1 of The Wicked saga
Rating: 18+ for language, sensual content, dark themes, sexual content
Genre: New Adult
Goodreads page:

The title for this book is perfect in more ways then one. Yes it has to do with the demons and evil fae that are threatening to take over the world, but it has a deeper meaning. We have seen the way she writes Young Adult novels and while she doesn’t shy away from topics she doesn’t use dive into details. There is no hesitation in this story. We see the full way that Ivy and Ren fall in love and fall with them.

Perhaps the only downside/downfall of the book is that it is awful reminiscent of her Obsidian series. Ivy and Ren go back and forth like Daemon and Katy did and at the beginning you would think you were reading the same story but with different names. But if you read on you start to see the differences but it takes a little while on to see it.

There is of course a few twists in the story which is to be expected in this story. They are fairly surprising but there is a strong chance you will figure them out. Some might find this a downfall for the story, but I find it a positive. I love when I figure out the twist of the story and when I’m right by the end of the story. What makes this work is that Armentrout tries to keep you on your toes by switching gears with the story and having your attention on something more pressing.

Fans of her past work will see similarities but it’s not so bad that you won’t want to finish the book or the series. Ren is a feisty heroine who doesn’t back down and Ren is a swoon worthy hero who compliments Ren in more ways then one.

Rating: A-

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The Wicked Saga


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