‘Chicago PD’ 2×12 Recap – Ruzek sees another side of his father while the unit look into a boy’s disappearance

chicago pd 2_12_1

In the last episode, Lindsey asks Voight and the unit to help her take down a drug cartel.

In this week’s episode, titled “Disco Bob”, the unit search for an 8 year-old who is the only survivor in a gruesome murder.

While the Linstead fans wanted to see a relationship between Lindsey and Halstead, it’s going to be short lived as Lindsey is going to be going under cover. And it’s not in Chicago. In fact its not even in the country. It’s…get this. Bolivia.

For the crime scene, Ruzek’s father joins them with the case and he gets to see how Intelligence works. And it looks like the father doesn’t seem to like the way that Voight runs the unit. As it turns out. He just has history with Voight and it doesn’t look good. Of course it all comes down to who does more. Voight and Bob apparently were fighting because of how they do their job.

When the unit finds that a child (Jordan) is missing, they bon together to try and find him before he dies. First stop. The boy’s father, Wes.

chicago pd 2_12_3

At the victim’s (Lucy) job, we find that she spent her time exposing the secrets of their lives. Perhaps this could explain why she was murdered. And sure enough. A man name Alexander was stalking her to get his payback.

Oslinsky/Halstead find out that Lucy and Wes were broke and that may have been the source to the murder.

Things may have took a turn for the interesting as they find out that the daughter (Shelby) that was murdered was friends with a guy named Owen. He tells the police about where he thinks that Jordan might be. And lo and behold they find him. That’s not at all a red flag for Owen. I mean how else is he gonna get all the way there with a gun shot wound?

The unit still thinks that Wes is the one that did this but they are having a hard time proving it. Could it be that he didn’t do it? Maybe it was someone else? Like Owen?

Voight tries to get Wes to talk and of course he does what all guilty people do. He asks for his lawyer. While there is still a chance he didn’t kill his wife, he is certainly guilty of something.

When Jordan is out of surgery and well, Ruzek/Voight talk with him about what happened. He tells them who it was that shot him. And it is….some random guy who claims that Owen hired him to kill them.

And boom goes the dynamite. Who called it?

chicago pd 2_12_2

Looks like Owen didn’t think that Frank would shoot Shelby and Lucy. He just wanted to scare Lucy so that she would back off his relationship with Shelby. Really? That was your brilliant plan to get Shelby back?

Roman/Burgess try to move on from the shooting but he guilt is still weighing down on him. And Burgess still has a hard time doing simple things. Such as knocking on a door. But by the end of the show they start to move on from what happened.

Meanwhile, Lindsey is working on a case Zepada, a drug dealer running up Chicago and doting deals. Lane leaves to DC to help brief them on the case and the new guy Lindsey has to work with is 100 levels of creepy.

When Lindsey finds out it’s basically going to be a vacation she tries to stay but her boss makes her go so she can ‘baby sit; his wife. Essentially demeaning her and her worth for the team.

By the end of the show, Lindsay realizes that the Task Force is not what she wanted and she asks for her job back.

In the next episode, it will be a Chicago Fire/Chicago PD crossover as the unit helps try and find the person responsible for killing one of their own.

What did you think of the show?


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