“Gotham” 1×13 – Gordon makes a bold move to try and take down a crooked cop

gotham 1_13_1

In the last episode, in next week’s show, Gordon returns back to the GCPD to help find Jack while Fish makes a move on Falcone.

In this week’s show, titled “Welcome Back, Jim Gordon”, Gordon returns to the GCPD while Fish deals with the consequences of her actions.

Looks like Fish is going to be come good friends with a guy named Bob as she deals with the consequences of what she did. Butch proves his worth to Fish as he is able to get to her before she gets serious damage done by Bob. Beginning to see why she keeps him around.

Gordon gets right to work and finds something suspicious about someone who murdered a small time drug dealer. Of course he is going to try and find out what really happened. And it looks like he is right as someone kills the one witness. Looks like this person’s weapon of choice is an ice pick. Perhaps, Mr. Freeze?

gotham 1_13_3

Gordon believes that it’s a dirty cop but Bullock is nervous that it might result into an even bigger problem with the GCPD and Gordon. But once again Gordon proves that he’s right. As he finds out that a cop named Delaware was helping the killer.

Turns out that Delaware was working under cover for Narcotics. This doesn’t sit well with Gordon. Now it raises questions with the Narcotic detective, Flash. So Gordon goes after him despite signing his and Bullock’s death warrants with it. It looks like Gordon may be on to something but he is two steps behind Delaware.

Wallace tries to get Gordon to see that there is more to the job then getting the right answers. Little does she know that Gordon is not one to let things go. He instead makes what will be a big mistake by asking Oswald for help.

While Fish may have her freedom, her revenge is just beginning. She wants to have some seafood with Penguin being the main course. Too bad that he’s too wrapped up in spoiling his mother to not realize that Fish is free.

So what does Oswald do when he sees Fish again, he begs for mercy and tries to make a deal. But they get interrupted when Zsasz breaks up the little happy reunion. Butch helps Fish get away but at the cost of being a play toy for Zsasz. This should be fun for Butch.

gotham 1_13_2Bullock helps Fish leave the city so that she can lie low until she can come back and kill Penguin. She asks Bullock to try and save Butch.

Meanwhile, Bruce tries to thank Selina but he’s having problems finding her. He enlists the help of Ivy who is just a little too willing to help but she does her job. Selina meets with Bruce. Bruce wants to get close but Selina wants him to back off. Back to the drawing board to try and find his parents’ killer.

Nygma quickly sees that the woman (Kringle) he is trying to woo is not worth his advances as it leads to him getting teased by the other co-workers. This is certainly the beginning of what will set him off later on.

In the next episode, we start a two part event that has Bullock and Gordon going after some shady people while Penguin and Marooney square off.

What did you think of the show?



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  1. […] the last episode, in next week’s show, Gordon returns to the GCPD while Fish deals with the consequences of her […]

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