“Agent Carter” part 5 – Carter calls on an old friend to help try and take down the Russians

carter 1_5_1

In the last part, Carter has to fight to protect Captain America’s name from Stark.

In this week’s episode, titled ‘The Iron Ceiling’, Carter reunites her team as she leads them on another mission that might result in their deaths.

There have been some news since the last episode, or spoilers if you will. We found out that Dottie that stole the gun from Mink. It turns out that the woman is part of the same group that the Black Widow is a part of. Quite the connection there huh?

Looks like Dottie has her eye on Carter. Could she be hired by someone to take Carter out? Perhaps someone who is also connected to Whitehall?

SSR try and figure out the message but have no luck. That is until Carter comes in and blows their minds away. She is able to decipher the message and is able to get her way into the mission. Of course this is against Thompkins wishes. Off to Russia.

carter 1_5_2

There might be some trouble for Carter in the future as Sousa noticed a mark on her shoulder that is also on the woman that was at the bar. Sousa, of course figures this out, before anyone else. Question is, is he going to tell anyone?

During the mission, Carter kinds on some help from old friends. The 107th cavalry, which they are famous in the eyes of the SSR. Thompkins quickly sees that he might be out of his league and that Carter may be of more worth then he wants to admit.

The unit gets to work on look at the location in the message. See the irony of the mission? It’s the same location that Dottie got her training. They see a little girl and fall victim to think she is safe. But we have seen that these girls are anything but cute. They are vicious. And she proves that by stabbing Dum Dum (Neal McDonough, Red 2).

carter 1_5_3

They know that they have been discovered which means its time to find a way out but instead run into some prisoners. Looks like they are trying to rebuild a device that Stark invented. As they try and leave the army shows up to try and take them down and Thompkins freezes. Thank God Carter is there to save him. Could this make him see that she is more then just ‘some woman’?

Meanwhile, Dooley meets with an old friend and he talks about Stark. Dooley goes to the only source that he can think of to get information on Stark. Jarvis. But he is less then forthcoming. Pretty obvious considering he threatened him last time they talked.

Dottie gets into Carter’s house and she find the pictures of Stark’s inventions. And she takes one of them but good news is that she didn’t find his blood in the wall. But we did get to see that Dottie has certainly got a screw or two loose in her head.

There is only two more parts left so you know that stuff is about to go down. Will Carter completely clear Stark’s name? How will it be that she starts up Agents of SHIELD? What does Dottie want with the information from Carter?

In the next part, Carter is a wanted fugitive as it looks like Sousa tells the SSR what he discovered.

What did you think of the show?



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