Matt Murdock is looking for justice in first look at Netflix’s “Daredevil”


It is here. The first official footage of the new Netflix show, Daredevil. Last year, Netflix made a deal with Marvel to bring some of the beloved superheroes to the world of binge watching.

In the trailer, we see Matt Murdock in action as he asks a priest for forgiveness ‘not for what he’s done, but for he’s about to do’. The trailer shows images of Daredevil doing some vigilante stuff, but this is in his pre-Daredevil costume. Probably won’t see that in the first season. It’s clear that the show is going to be a little bit darker then the movie adaptation and will be able to dive deeper into the story of Matt Murdock.

Matt Murdock is going to be played by Charlie Cox. Cox got his big break on Boardwalk Empire and recently starred in The Theory of Everything. Look wise, he does seem to fit the bill, but seeing him in action is what’s going to decide if he can fill the suit.

Daredevil was first introduced to the film world in 2003 and was originally played by Ben Affleck. The movie didn’t do so well with the fans or at the box office. Which is why Marvel decided to revamp it.

Daredevil stars Charlie Cox, Deborah Ann Woll, Elden Henson, and Rosario Dawson and season 1 is set to be available on April 10th.

What did you think of the trailer?

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