‘Chicago PD’ 2×13 Recap – The unit try and take down an arsonist who killed one of their own


chicago pd 2_13_3

In the last episode, the unit search for an 8 year-old who is the only survivor in a gruesome murder.

In this week’s episode, titled “A Little Devil Complex”, it will be a Chicago Fire/Chicago PD crossover as the unit helps try and find the person responsible for killing one of their own.

This is the second part of the crossover. In the first part that happened on Chicago Fire yesterday, Severide and Dawson look into the death of Shay and the arsonist that is responsible for killing her. And they honored her death with a memorial that the Chicago PD also joined in on. In tonight’s show, they will go further into Shay’s death as the try and find the arsonist.

Dawson and Gabby go and pick up Adrian Gish at work (who in the Chicago Fire episode told Severide that he did it). Which makes him the target for show as they try and catch him in the act, because apparently that’s the only way they can get him.

chicago pd 2_13_2

Ruzek and Oslinsky go and talk with Adrian’s boss, but its Halstead/Lindsey are the ones that find the best lead. Apparently Adrian is a stolen identity and it looks like the fake Adrian is probably the one responsible for it.

Adrian’s lawyer comes in and says that he changed his name (his birth name was Ross). But Voight is on to him and is trying to outsmart him. He sends Burgess/Roman on him. But turns out that Adrian is smarter then they are as he is able to blow up Roman’s and Burgess’s cop car.

Gabby/Megan/Chief Boden try and help the PD try and find Adrian and get him to slip up. Turns out that Ross McGowan is also a fake name. McGowan was a fire fighter that died 20 years earlier. Who the heck is this guy?

Tensions start to run high between Gabby and Dawson as they argue over the case. He trusts the system and she wants justice for Shay. Both have valid points but which one is right?

The unit has to work fast to try and find out the real identity to this arsonist. Adrian keeps bragging about his fires to Ruzek and Oslinksy but not enough to admit to any of the fires that happened. Including taunting them with the cashier who was in one of his fires.

chicago pd 2_13_1

Voight is on to something and they find a lead into Adrian. They figure out that his real name is Trent Lamont and that he started doing these fires because his whole family died in a fire when he was 7. Because you know that’s what you do when that happens.

In his house, they find that Gabby might be the new target. Sure enough, she finds herself stuck on an elevator with Adrian looking to set the place on fire. Good thing Gabby got him to talk. It gave Dawson time to get there and take him out.

Platt’s in an incredibly good mood and it’s not until the end that we find out that she was playing nice because there was someone watching her. Burgess tries to help her.

Meanwhile, Halstead and Lindsey talk about their relationship and whether or not they should tell Voight.

At t he end of the show, Lindsey meets with her mom and she tells her about someone she thinks that is doing some shady stuff with her rental company.

In the next episode, there is an armed robbery that Lindsey’s mother may be a part of.

What did you think of the show?


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