‘Law and Order: SVU’ 16×13 – a father takes the law into his own hands in Rollins’s first case back

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In the last episode, Amaro’s dad rolls into town and when his fiancée gets assaulted by his dad, Amaro must decide whether or not he can testify against his father.

In this week’s show, titled “Decaying Mortality”, a father accidentally kills a man that he thinks is responsible for raping his daughter but it turns out that maybe the daughter was wrong about who raped her.

Benson is welcoming Rollins back home and to work when they run into a girl who is claiming that she was raped by one of the guys working in the store where she was going to the bathroom. He states that he was trying to help her. Now she had something a little off with her before she got in the bathroom walking around all wobbly, but did that guy rape her or was he in the wrong place at the wrong time?

At the hospital, they find that the girl (Jenna, Haley Lu Richardson, TV’s Ravenswood) was raped and not only that but she was drugged and the rapist took her virginity. So now it’s time to find the rapist.

Things aren’t looking good for the suspect. He is Jerome Jones who was falsely accused of gang raping another girl in Brooklyn and has a lawsuit against the city. Carisi and Amaro are going to have to tread lightly. Easier said then done. And things don’t get better as Barba tells them to let Jones go until they have an airtight case.

svu 16_13_2

The unit goes over the clues and try and get that airtight case. But things keep bulbing over as they find that Jenna’s father, Mr. Davis (Jamie McShane, TV’s Murder in the First), ‘accidentally’ kills Jones.

Davis doesn’t help his case as he recorded the whole torture. Jones admits to raping Jenna, but of course, this is coerced. The unit think that Davis will get off because of mental distress but this doesn’t sit well with Barba.

Things don’t get better for Davis and Jenna’s cases as Carisi proves that Jones didn’t rape Jenna. Which means that once again the police department messed up with Jones.

Amaro/Carisi try and are able to trick him into getting his DNA sample. And it gets even more sick as they think that Neil’s wife is in on it. But the question is, why?

Neil tries to explain away his semen on Jenna by saying he had a quickie with his wife before her appointment? Of course he’s got answers for everything and he gets all defensive. In the words of Fin, ‘it’s time for the full court press’ and find other victims.

Things get worse when, Jenna and her mother come in and she retracts what she told them.

Fin comes up with another ‘questionable’ suggestion as he suggest leaking the info to the press. Enter in Jimmy Mac.

svu 16_13_3

But this gets the results that they want. They find a whole list of new victims but it still might not be enough unless Jenna can help. Carisi and Fin try and talk to Davis and try to get him to get Jenna to talk.

In an ploy to try and get Neil to confess to what he did. Jenna sets up a lunch with him. And she gets him to admit what he did.

This show touches upon a topic that any good parent can relate to. The unspeakable happens to your child and you would understand that urge to want to hurt the person that harmed them. Once again it’s a controversial case for the unit as some of them are parents and know that urge that would overcome them if something happened to their child.

In the next episode, there is a gang of people who are bringing a video game to real life and the unit must race against time to find them before they kill again.

What did you think of the show?


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  1. Nerdy Soul says:

    […] the last episode, a father accidentally kills a man that he thinks is responsible for raping his daughter but it […]

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