“Gotham” 1×15 – Bullock and Gordon take down Dr. Crane

gotham 1_15_1

In the last episode, in next week’s show, we start a two part event that has Bullock and Gordon going after some shady people while Penguin and Marooney square off.

In this week’s show, titled “The Scarecrow”, Dr. Crane begins teaching Jonathan about his methods while Oswald and Nigma continue their rise to infamy.

Dr. Crane is up to no good again as he takes down another helpless victim. This time though, Jonathan, joins in and gets his first taste at the family business. Looks like Crane is using other people’s fears (so to speak) so that he can conquer his own. Which looks like it involves watching his wife? burning to death.

Bullock/Gordon continue to look at Crane and try and understand him. And they find that the above theory was right. He was trying to cure fear. But the plot thickens as he is working the theory not on himself but on someone titled ‘Patient B’. Aka his son.

Oswald talks with Falcone about Maroney but he has bigger things on his plate. He’s still pissed about what Fish did. But Oswald gets what he’s always wanted. Fish’s club. This is only the beginning of his rise of power on the streets. And that includes inviting Gordon to the grand opening.

gotham 1_15_2
Falcone has a heart-to-heart with Maroney about Oswald and a deal they can do to keep him alive. Who says that feuding Dons can’t be friendly.

Bruce is going on a little adventure on his own and Alfred must learn to let go of the reigns and let him live his own life. While on his adventure, he comes across a fear of his own. Three guesses to what it is?

When Gordon/Bullock find out how Crane’s wife, Karen, died and now they figured out what his fear is. They have a new lead. When they get there, Dr. Crane goes crazy and stabs Jonathan with the rest of the hallucinogen before getting shot dead.

Meanwhile, Fish tries to adjust to her new surroundings, which looks like The Fight Club but is a prison with a whole bunch of other prisoners. She does what she does best and tries to work the group so that she can control them, probably to help her take down the person holding them all prisoner.

gotham 1_15_3

Gordon is still dating Thompkins, so it looks like Barbara is going to be out of the picture. At least for a little while because we all know she is Gordon’s first wife. And we can see what may be her downfall. She is working as the ME for GCPD, especially since they are trying to keep their relationship on the DL. Mainly for him and not her.

We get a lot of the future villains in this show as their origins start to pick up pace. We get to see why Crane Jr. uses Scarecrows as his weapon of choice when he gets older and the beginning of Nygma’s reign as The Riddler.

In the next episode, we meet a familiar face as the most infamous villain makes his first appearance on Gotham.

What did you think of the show?



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