Book review – “Ugly Love” by Colleen Hoover – beautiful story that shows how ugly love can be

ugly love

Format: ebook, paperback

Series: stand-alone

Rating: 18+ for sexual content, dark themes

Goodreads page:

In this book, we follow Tate as she moves to San Francisco so she can finish school but what she doesn’t plan on is running into her brother’s roommate, Miles. They have immediate attraction and lust and she wants more but she quickly sees that the ghosts of Miles’s past will be hard to overcome as he is unable to move on.

The story goes back and forth from present time to six years earlier when Miles stopped believing in love. We quickly see that he falls for Rachel, who he thinks is the love of his life, but it may never be. They begin a relationship despite the fact that they shouldn’t. You spend most of the book trying to figure out what happened with their relationship and with each passing chapter it, the story gets deeper and deeper. Make sure you have a box of Kleenix near you because you will be crying.

Tate on the surface is a strong and independent woman but when she meets Miles she becomes ‘liquid’ to his ‘solid’. She always melts for him and at times this can be annoying (especially after some of the things that he does to her). But like her, you have hope because you see that Miles is a good guy who just gave up on love. And that kind of love is one you have to work hard for, but the reward always outweigh the risk of a broken heart.

Miles is a very swoon-worthy book-boyfriend. He is a genuine nice guy and we see that with his relationship with Rachel and through his actions through Tate’s eyes. Yes, there are moments when you’re like ‘wow he’s a real jerk’ but after you find out the whole story, you can understand why he was so resistant to Tate.

Hoover is able to create a story and characters that you are rooting for from beginning to end. You know that Miles and Tate are perfect for each other but she shows that the past can often dictate the future. She shows us that love is sometimes not as beautiful as the books often make it seem but like she talks about, it’s the beauty in happiness that makes ‘ugly love’ worth it.

Rating: A

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