New excerpt from “The Black Wolf” by JA Redmerski released

the black wolf excerpt 1

Yesterday, a new excerpt from The Black Wolf was released on author JA Redmerski’s series’s website.

You can read it below.

Excerpt ‐ THE BLACK WOLF | J.A. Redmerski

The text in this document is copyright Jessica Redmerski 2015

And for the next thirty minutes I listen to her tell me


“So what do you think I should do?” she asks, and I

realize she really does want my advice.

What the fuck do I look like, a shrink?

“You want my honest opinion?” I ask, at least warning

her beforehand because I never sugarcoat anything.

“Yeah,” she says. “I want honesty.”

I shrug and then bring my arms up, locking my hands

behind my head.

“She may be your sister,” I say, “but that doesn’t make

her off‐limits. You do what you gotta do; beat the shit out of her

if that’s what’ll make you feel better”—my eyes meet hers with

warning and purpose—“but that shit you were saying about

calling Child Protective Services just to get back at her, that’s

fucked up. Do what you gotta do, but only bitches betray their

families like that.”

Jackie nods several times, in deep contemplation of my

‘advice’, and then she smiles, letting out a breath, her petite

shoulders rising and falling underneath her disheveled blonde


“You should take out an advice column in the

newspaper,” she says with a grin.

I laugh.

“Yeah, I can see it now”—I swipe a hand in front of me

in demonstration—“I’ll call it: Dear Niklas, Should I Kill

Myself? Sure, If You Feel Like You Should.”

Jackie chuckles, shaking her head and gently rolling her

brown eyes. Then she crawls over my body and takes her place

next to me on the other side of the bed again. She lays against

the pillow on her side, facing me. The tip of her index finger, her

fingernail painted with some weird glittery shit, begins to trace

the outline of my chest muscles.

“What about this stuff with avoiding your brother?” she

asks. “Wanna talk about it?”


Excerpt ‐ THE BLACK WOLF | J.A. Redmerski

The text in this document is copyright Jessica Redmerski 2015

Absently, and with bitterness, I chew on the inside of my


“No,” I answer after a moment, staring at the lime green

door out ahead. “I’d rather not.”

“Oh come on,” Jackie says in jest, patting my chest with

the palm of her hand, “it can’t be that bad—mine was pretty

messed up; can’t be much worse than mine. What did he do?”

After a pause, I say without looking at her, “My brother

murdered the only woman I ever loved,” and in half a second

Jackie’s almost‐fully‐naked body becomes a rock next to mine.


“Why don’t you take those panties back off?” I suggest


It takes her moment to hear my question, and then, still

with quite a shock on her face, her eyebrows drawn inward, she

slips her panties off and tosses them on the floor.

Tearing open a condom wrapper, I put the condom on

and then gesture with one hand toward my lap.

“Get on,” I say, and she does.

And in under thirty seconds, neither one of us are

thinking anymore about our fucked up families.

It looks like this is told from Niklas’s point of view and it still looks like he is still upset about the fact that his brother killed the love of his life. But who could blame him? Question is, who is this Jackie character and will she be able to get to him?

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The Black Wolf is set to come out in 2015.

What did you think of the excerpt?


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