‘Law and Order: SVU’ 16×14 – Game on for SVU as they race to save a female video game creator

svu 16_14_1

In the last episode, a father accidentally kills a man that he thinks is responsible for raping his daughter but it turns out that maybe the daughter was wrong about who raped her.

In this week’s show, titled “Intimidation Game”, there is a gang of people who are bringing a video game to real life and the unit must race against time to find them before they kill again.

This show is ripped from the headlines of Gamergate where there is a war waging between male gamers thinking that girls can’t be gamers too. There is a large level of harassment and it’s only getting worse.

Rollins/Finn/Carisi are at a video game convention and find that one of their old cases has now become a new video game. But things get carried out of hand as we see first hand how angry guys get when they see girls beating them at video games when female gamer, Sarah (Susannah Flood), gets assaulted.

It looks like Sarah just got the brunt of the hate because of her boss, Raina (Mouzam Makkar, TV’s See Dad Run). She is being very helpful with the investigation but it’s like trying to find a needle in a haystack with these gamers.

svu 16_14_2

While Carisi and Fin are able to find the guys who attacked Sarah, but it forced the other gamers to act out in support of them. And of course, things escalate. Rather fast.

Raina’s fiancé tells the police about how she’s being threatened, but of course she is too focused on the game. And of course it’s hard to find the threats as the gamers know how to hide out. So Benson comes up with a compromise. Undercover.

At the convention, things get out of hand fast as the gamers hack into the system and are able to kidnap Raina. Game on for the SVU unit to try and get her back before the end of the game.

Carisi is able to take down a suspect and is able to get a user name. Acid Rain (ironic for the name huh). But this means nothing because obviously it will be untraceable.

They quickly see that things are getting out of hand fast and are quickly running out of time to save Raina because the group that kidnapped her are wasting no time to torture her.

svu 16_14_3

The group eventually is able to break Raina and to admit girls shouldn’t be in the gaming world and leave the unit a paper trail to one of the member’s house where Raina was raped. Things don’t get any better as guns are missing. They know the next step is going to take out Raina.

The show once again proves why it’s one of the best shows on TV. It is able to stay relevant and relate to the fans of the show. This one especially because it talks about video games and social media, something that is blowing up the entertainment world today. Something like this could really happen and could escalate just as quickly.

In the next episode, a mother takes the law in her own hands as she goes undercover to try and find her daughter who was kidnapped.

What did you think of the show?



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