‘Chicago PD’ 2×15 Recap – Burgess learns that everyday is an adventure in her job

chicago pd 2_15_1

In the last episode, there is an armed robbery that Lindsey’s mother may be a part of.

In this week’s episode, titled “What Do You Do?”, Roman and Burgess get kidnapped and the rest of the unit look for them before they get killed.

Burgess finds that she is in a rut but that gets quickly resolved as her and Roman get taken hostage. They originally let Burgess go and just take Roman, but Burgess is not going to leave him there like a good partner she goes and tries to save him.

While in holding, she finds that in the factory room its cocaine in the baby formula. An old method, but apparently still effective.

chicago pd 2_15_2

Burgess tries to reason with one of the dealers, but considering that he is bleeding out, he is a ma on the edge who has nothing left to lose. But she tries to reason with him because that’s what you do when you have a gun pointed at your head.

Two of the other suppliers show up and want to kill them all for being witnesses. But Roman steps up and is able to help save one of the suppliers who was shot. But that doesn’t last long as O’Ryan shoots his two partners dead.

Meanwhile it’s a slow day at Intelligence and it’s not until Ruzek notices that Burgess isn’t responding to his texts that he realizes something is wrong.

Roman/Burgess go on the run in the building trying to take him down before he takes them out. He tries to save her (knowing she got hurt because of him last time) and they are able to work together to take down O’Ryan. But that is not the end of their night as there is another guy there ready to take them down. But Ruzek and the rest of the unit come in and stop the guy from leaving.

chicago pd 2_15_3

Halstead is talking with Lindsey about their future and they both like that they are talking about the future.

Burgess sees that she is not in that rut that she is so convinced that she was in. Too bad it too something like this to make her see that. Ruzek is there to help as she comes down from the adrenaline.

The show touches on the problem with the country. It talks about the crime rate increasing in the world and how people blame the police and how the police say that it’s the people’s fault. Vicious circle that has no beginning or end. Unlike SVU where it takes stories from the headlines (and considering the show has been on for 16 years you need influence somewhere) the show talks about issues that we see every day and how they get overlooked by society because of other things. Things that should be important.

In the next episode, Dawson goes under cover and Voight’s fear that he will fall victim to the cover might come true.

What did you think of the show?

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