“Fifty Shades” is able to tie down the competition to remain in control of box office

50 shades 5

There were three new movies that came out this weekend but none of them were able to take the top spot from Fifty Shades, despite the low reviews that the movie is getting.

Fifty Shades of Grey has a dramatic drop in the box office but is still able to grab the top spot for the second straight week with an estimated $23.2 million. The movie currently holds the top spot for box office’s this year and despite it’s low ratings, it should hit over $200 million by the end of it’s run.

Coming in just short of the top spot for the 2nd straight week is Kingsman: Secret Service comes in with an estimated $17..5 million. Despite getting better reviews then most of the other movies in the top five, it’s not getting the fan bases that was expected.

The Spongebob Movie: Sponge out of Water hits double digits for the third straight week bringing in an estimated $15.5 million. The movie hit the $100 million mark last week and has a chance to hit the $200 million mark before the end of it’s run.


The three movies to come out this week did decent but that could be because of the lack of competition. McFarland USA took in an estimated $11.3 million, The Duff brought in an estimated $11 million, and Hot Tub Machine 2 took in an estimated $5.8 million.

For the rest of the box office, you can go here.

Will Smith’s new movie, Focus, should grab the top spot next week unless it turns out to be a worse movie then what expected. But then again, considering Will Smith is in it, that might not matter to fans who will see anything with him in it.

What movie did you see this weekend?




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