Music was the focus of the 2015 Oscars

oscars 2015

Neil Patrick Harris hosted the 87th Oscar Award ceremony this year and he didn’t disappoint. Of course he opened the show with a big musical number about movies and was joined on stage with Anna Kendrick and Jack Black. Jack Black may have stole the number as he pokes fun at the number of super-hero movies and sequels that are being made.

Throughout the show he had some very good jokes (like when he referenced Birdman and Whiplash in a joke) but then some others that fell short (Annie joke). But overall, he was good. He was perfect for the kind of host the Academy would want. Someone who appeals to the older and younger generation.

We had a lot of good performances over the evening but the funnest was The Lost Lonely Boys as they performed their Oscar nominated song “Everything is Awesome” from The Lego Movie that really rocked the house.

But the best performances of the night have to go to either Lady Gaga for her tribute to the 50th Anniversary of The Sound of Music and Julie Andrews or John Legend and Common’s performance of “Glory”. They would later on receive the ward for Best Original Song (presented by surprise presenter Julie Andrews).

The Grand Budapest Hotel won well in the design categories winning Best Costume Design, and  Best Make-Up Design, Best Original Score, and Best Production Design.

The first upset went to the category you least expect. Best Animated Feature. How to Train Your Dragon 2 was the favorite to win but it was Disney’s Big Hero 6 that comes away with the win.

For the Best Acting awards it went to two actors who were portraying mental diseases in their movies. Julianne Moore won for Still Alice and Eddie Redmayne won for The  Theory of Everything.

Boyhood was an early favorite for a lot of awards, but only came away with Best Supporting Actress for Patricia Arquette. Birdman took home the  big awards of the night, winning Best Director, Best Original Screenplay, and Best Picture.

For the complete list of winners, you can go here.

What did you think of the Oscars?



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