Jamie Dornan to leave “Fifty Shades”?

50 shades

Reports are going crazy on the internet stating that Jamie Dornan aka Christian Grey will not be returning for the Fifty Shades sequels.

An Australian magazine is reporting that Dornan is bowing out because of his wife, Amelia. But further speculation makes it seems like he’s just seeing this as out.

It’s a lot of mixed quotes that are being thrown around because Dornan talked about coming back during interviews and that his wife told him to take the role.

What has changed?

Maybe it’s his costar Dakota Johnson (who played Anastasia Steele).

There are claims that Dornan and Johnson didn’t get along on set and that he blames her for the critics slamming him. The magazine states, “He says Dakota gave him nothing to work with.”

In interviews they seem to get along and also the behind the scenes so maybe it was all just a ploy. But he did say that he found some of the sex scenes “uncomfortable”. Considering the type of scenes that were shot, that is not completely surprising.

Fans have been blowing up Twitter and other social medias not wanting Dornan to go. Including the Twitter account Fifty Shades Updates stating that he hasn’t dropped out and it’s just rumors.

This is coming on the heels of the drama over director Sam Johnson Taylor quitting because she and author EL James fought over creative control over the first movie.

As it stands now, fifty shades of grey has made over $350 million at the box office in just 2 and half weeks, despite the low ratings. Yes the reviews might not be high but the box office is and that should be what the focus is on.

Universal Studios has yet to comment on this so nothing is 100% yet. Perhaps Dornan did ask out but until Universal or him himself makes a statement, fans can hold out the chance all this is just rumors.

What do you think about Jamie Dornan leaving the franchise?



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